2022: What’s In, What’s Out

Historians will likely determine the pandemic as the catalyst that re-ignited the ‘need to bike’. Just about everyone and their uncle is riding a bike again. This is a good thing. More people on bikes can only mean a healthier population and a healthier planet. This is a very good thing. Here’s our list of what to expect on the busier-than-ever South African biking scene, in 2022.

cycling trends for 2022
| IMAGE: Gary Perkin |

What’s out for 2022

  • Seeing plastic on the trail and thinking somone else will stop to pick it up
  • Non racers in lycra — just wear baggies / short pants
  • Hating on eBikes: that’s so gister
  • Remote lockout levers: the kinematics and damping are so good these days which begs the question: do we (and racers) even need lockout?
  • Disrespecting other road users
  • Short dropper posts on trail bikes
  • Noisy bikes: a little lube, cable wrap and frame tape are affordable ways to keep your machine rolling like a Pro’s bike
  • Not trimming bars to fit you; they are supplied wide so everyone can trim them down for optimum fit
  • Daytime road rides without bike lights — it’s just silly
  • Expecting discounts on bike stuff when stock is in short supply
  • Badly maintained trails: get involved with your trails by donating or volunteering for build days
  • Not riding!

What’s in for 2022

  • Commuting! Have you seen the price of petrol these days?
  • Everything bikes – the pandemic has made biking big time
  • Short cranks: the arguments for shorter cranks across all disciplines are compelling
  • Kids: getting them off their phones or gaming addictions and onto bikes
  • More beginners flocking to the sport – biking is mainstream! Beginners Guide To MTB
  • Checking your tyre pressure before every ride
  • There’ll be yet more integration, apps and electronics making biking better
  • More high-spec alloy framed options at retail; please
  • Minnaar: decked in rainbow stripes for 2022 you can bet on him to add to his palmares
  • Hydration packs being used at the sharp end of mountain bike endurance racing
  • Hatherly: ranked 7th in the world and continuing to more forward, “they” say year two at Cannondale Factory Racing is going to be a big one for Alan
  • Tubeless setups on road bikes – you’ll have less flats
  • On bike storage systems for all the stuff we carry
  • Respecting everyone who is on a bike
  • Riding for the fun of it and not ONLY to smash your Strava PR or Cycletour PB
  • A lower fork service – one of the best performance ‘enhancers’ on the market
  • Versatile 120mm bikes with modern geometry that are safer than the ‘Marathon’ bikes of old
  • Bike Checks: we see you love them
  • Moolman Pasio: eSports World Champ and stage winner at the Giro, you can bet on more stellar performances from Ash – how about a GC run at the TDFF?
  • Club level XCO racing??
  • Dedicating time to work on your riding skills – or even better: signing up for a skills clinic
  • Mass participation events that raise funds for charity – AND riding them socially
  • Better trail centers and great places to take your kids to ride
  • We’ve got adjustable geo on most trail bikes now can we PLEASE have adjustable reach options on all MTB’s
  • Gravel racing – it’s ON!
  • Lightweight long pants for trail riding and eMTB – if you can find them
  • More families riding together – what other sport crosses generations like biking?

Happy biking in 2022 everybody!