2024: What’s In, What’s Out

6 december 2023, cape town south africa | predictions on hot cycling trends for 2024 as published on bike network by myles kelsey

The mismatch in supply and demand over the last three years has wreaked havoc on many brands in the industry. Whilst riding is more popular than ever, retail demand is now at very similar levels to pre-pandemic times. There is, however, a little too much supply. Whilst this is tough on the industry — it’s a great thing for consumers who are enjoying attractive pricing. Here’s our list of what to expect on the busier-than-ever South African biking scene, in 2024.

What’s out for 2024

  • Exorbitant race entry fees
  • Daytime road rides without bike lights
  • Aggressive trail riding without sufficient knee protection
  • Minnaar and the Syndicate
  • Aggressive trail riding without sufficient head and brain protection
  • Disrespecting other road users, flipping the bird at motorists
  • Short dropper posts on trail bikes
  • Noisy bikes: a little lube, cable wrap and frame tape are affordable ways to keep your machine rolling like a Pro’s bike
  • Not trimming bars to fit you; they are supplied wide so everyone can trim them down for optimum fit. You’ll ride better!
  • Badly maintained trails: get involved with your trails by donating or volunteering for build days
  • Not riding!

What’s in for 2024

  • Women on bikes
  • Shopping – it’s a buyer’s market
  • Mid-power, lightweight eMTBs
  • Paris Olympics in July and August
  • More gamification options for indoor training
  • Fun on bikes – that’s why we ride!
  • Gravel – the bikes are so versatile. Expect to see many more around
  • Trail riding
  • Commuting by bike
  • Respecting concussions for what they are: an actual brain injury that needs treatment
  • Short cranks: the arguments for shorter cranks across all disciplines are compelling
  • Kids: getting them off their phones or gaming addictions and onto bikes
  • Checking your tyre pressure before every ride
  • Integration, apps and electronics
  • More high-spec alloy framed options at retail; please
  • Hydration packs being used at the sharp end of the marathon fields
  • Hatherly: Despite illness impacting his season, the Champ is ranked 7th in the world
  • Tubeless setups on road bikes – you’ll have fewer flats
  • On-bike storage systems for all the stuff we carry
  • Respecting everyone who is on a bike
  • Riding for the fun of it and not ONLY to smash your Strava PR or Cycletour PB
  • A lower fork service – one of the best performance ‘enhancers’ on the market
  • More grassroots-level local racing. This is where Champions are built
  • Mass participation events that raise funds for charity – AND riding them socially
  • Better trail centers and great places to take your kids to ride
  • Lightweight long pants for trail riding and eMTB
  • More families riding together – what other sport crosses generations like biking?
6 december 2023, cape town south africa | predictions on hot cycling trends for 2024 as published on bike network by myles kelsey

Happy biking in 2024 everybody!

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