3T Cycling Launches in South Africa | See the 3T Exploro & 3T Strada

For 50 years, 3T Cycling has been producing high quality, high-performance components for the elite riders of the peloton.

Starting with steel during the golden age of bike racing, 3T later pioneered aluminium handlebars, to meet the growing demand for lighter-weight road bikes. Based in Italy, 3T has maintained incredible access to professional teams and some of the world’s fastest riders, including Moser and Merckx. Today, 3T Cycling produces a full range of high-end carbon fibre components including bars, stems, seatposts and wheelsets alongside their proven alloy versions. 3T Cycling is now available in South Africa through the Privateer distribution company.

Reinventing the Road Bike: The 3T Exploro and 3T Strada are the newest additions to the production 3T Bikes and both seek to reinvent what a road bike is thought to be capable of.

3T EXPLORO — Road, gravel & more in one

Exploro is the do-it-all-anywhere-whenever-you-want bike. Aero. Massive clearance. Dual Wheel Size. When the bike launched people asked ‘why’ and now, we see it was merely the first of the pack of aero gravel bikes on the market. Take it on your group ride or touring through South Africa.

When outfitted with road tires, a 3T Exploro delivers the comfort and performance one would expect from a high-end carbon road bike. Dramatic tube shapes allow for road bike geometry, an aero advantage, and the ability to swap between 27.5 x 2.1″ tires and 700 x 40c tires with little fuss.

Designed by Gerard Vroomen, one of the original founders of Cervelo and current co-owner of OPEN cycles, this new frame benefits from decades of engineering expertise. It’s ‘Sqaero’ tube shapes optimize aerodynamics for real-world speeds and yaw angles, not the theoretical “perfect” environment found in a typical wind tunnel. In addition, Gerard utilizes his Gravel Plus concept to allow the 3T Exploro frameset the versatility of fitting two different tire/wheel standards, while keeping consistent handling and control. Ride slow, faster. | Complete bikes from as little as R59 000 | Framesets from R48 000 |

3T STRADA — Wide tire aero road

Aero road bikes are nothing new. Neither is the accompanying harshness that is nearly guaranteed when riding an aero road bike. That’s usually the compromise in the pursuit of ultimate speed and efficiency on a road bike. As tubing shapes change and grow to accommodate stiffness and aerodynamics, the rider themselves can be forgotten in the shuffle, leaving a rider more fatigued than they would’ve been had they ridden a more comfortable bicycle. 3T teamed up with Gerard Vroomen, who helped establish the Cervélo brand and some of the first road bikes with aerodynamic efficiency in mind, to tackle the conundrum with forward-thinking. The result of that forwardthinking and loads of testing is the new 3T Strada, an aero bike that has a 1x drivetrain, disc brakes and capability for a wide tire up to 30mm in width. | Complete bikes from as little as R59 000 |

For those who still want the choice of a front derailleur, the 3T Due is for you. Same aerodynamics, same clearance and now available for 2x electronic groupsets.

3T Components

3T produces a full line of handlebars, stems, seatposts, aerobars and accessories which will be available shortly through a dealer network across the country. This covers the categories of road, triathlon and the new lovechild of the bike industry, gravel.

For all enquiries on parts and complete bikes, please contact 3T South Africa at 3t@privateer.co.za or visit www.3tbike.co.za

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