A Dog’s Life – 6 Questions with Brendog on his next film project

Brendan Fairclough on location shooting for A Dog's Life with Scott Bikes with Clay Porter and Chris Seager.

It’s no secret that you enjoy working on other projects outside of your World Cup downhill season, can you tell us what your favourite projects are outside of your racing career?

The one I’m most proud of is Deathgrip movie. Having that circulate on iTunes and now it’s on Netflix is such a huge achievement for me and for everyone involved in the project. What I got from that is that it’s a really cool way to get it out to a much more mainstream audience, to an audience that might not even ride bikes. They’re flicking through Netflix and normally you wouldn’t really watch that. I wanted to inspire kids to get off their playstations and get outside and go and ride bikes. When I was a kid, I used to chuck on a mountain bike movie and go out and ride my bike, or go and dig jumps in the woods and that’s what I’m trying to aim at. I don’t want to get away from shorter form edits at all, they’ve just got a shorter shelf life and these days I want to have something that kids put on and on and get inspired to watch again.

Brendan Fairclough on location shooting for A Dog's Life with Scott Bikes with Clay Porter and Chris Seager.

What is it about these movie projects that you keep doing them?

Obviously, the focus is training for the World Cups, so racing is still my main goal. This year, I’d like to get back to Rampage and kick some ass there and prove that my line wasn’t a 10th place line. Along with that, is the success of Deathgrip has inspired me to do more stuff like that. Without putting a downer on World Cup downhill, which I feel is the Formula 1 of the sport, but the shelf life is short. I want to create content and show people what goes into making these edits and what goes on behind the scenes… scouting locations and filming is not all plain sailing. You don’t just turn up and there’s something pre-built for you! You have to scout it, talk to landowners, rental companies, fire service, etc I want to give that insight to people, I think that’s quite interesting for people.

Your projects are always filled with epic locations, would you be willing to say anything at this stage about the new series ‘A Dog’s life?’

Yeah definitely.. We’re planning a 4-part series. I can tell you the first one is going to be in the island of Madeira. It’s been a huge part of the last 5 years of my life, I’ve been there a lot. We obviously filmed Deathgrip there and we’ve done another cool part there. I’d definitely like to explore different places that I haven’t really seen so much of in the Mountain bikes industry: I’d quite like to explore Central Africa, South America a bit more and also not forget my roots and how spectacular the UK is for riding and how good the UK scene is. There will definitely be another part in the UK.

Is ‘A Dog’s Life’ a Brendan Fairclough exclusive, or are you going to bringing some friends along on the project?

Thankfully I have some great friends who ride bikes down hills and over jumps, so it’s not all about me! It’s about Mountain Biking and the friends you get along the way and the friends you ride with. I can tell you honestly, I spend 1% of my Mountain Bike life riding by myself, so 99% of the time is spent riding with friends, so it’s definitely about the lifestyle of Mountain Biking.

How important is it to have a strong team of creatives around you?

I’ve been working with Clay Porter and Chris Seager throughout Deathgrip, they were the main men from Deathgrip. So that works really well. Seager lives real close to me, he is a great rider himself, I’ve got a lot of respect for his riding and as you’ll see from episode 1, he’s managed to save the day, which is pretty spectacular and pretty cool! To work with someone like that so closely and to be friends with him is really great. A huge part of what I want to get across to people is the relationship between the filmers, not only Chris, you’ve got Jacob and Nico and Ryan as well, so you’ve got a cool demographic there. You can’t just go out there and do it by yourself, you need a good crew behind you. The relationship between the crew and the rider is key and that’s what we’re trying to get across to people as well. 

How can people keep an eye out for news dropping about ‘A Dog’s Life’?

So the reason behind ‘A dog’s life’ is from my nickname; Brendog. I don’t know where it came from, but it stuck pretty good! We get to travel around to some pretty cool places, so the irony is it’s not a dog’s life really… we live a very fortunate life and travel around to cool places. The main view is to release the longer-form stuff on in-flight entertainment, some TV channels, and some wider platforms. 

Brendan Fairclough on location shooting for A Dog's Life with Scott Bikes with Clay Porter and Chris Seager.

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