About Us

Bike Network is a fresh media brand for South African riders. 

We are an extended network of riders, racers, bloggers, contributors, industry insiders, friends and story tellers from all spectrums of the sport. 

Our mission is to bring the South African rider one or two entertaining, relevant and informative reads per day wrapped in a feast of great visuals. 

We will celebrate, debate, educate and inform you on many of the cool innovations and tech that encompass this wonderful and diverse sport of ours. 

We will pay particular attention to our heroes, our youth, cool bike shops, rad trails, sic bikes, new gear and all the cool stories around them.

We will not irritate you with pop up advertising displays selling the likes of lawnmowers, car rental deals on an island you have never heard of or any advertising that is not specifically cycling related. 

We will only load one or two stories per day so you do not need to visit us multiple times a day driven by fear of missing out; we would prefer you spent that time on your bike. 

We are a startup but are here for the long haul and endeavor to add value to you as a rider and to become your destination website of choice. 

Thank you for following us.

For content marketing or advertising queries please contact: myles@bikenetwork.co.za or crew@bikenetwork.co.za