Specialized Turbo Creo SL — ‘It’s You, Only Faster’

Today Specialized announced details on their first high-performance e-road bike the Turbo Creo SL. To achieve the lightweight, natural ride quality and lively handling characteristics we hear the Swiss engineering crew went back to the drawing board to develop a new motor and battery system. Stay tuned for a full review coming up in Spring, for now here is the official release.

Specialized Turbo Creo SL e-road bike on Bike Network


We’re going to flatten your climbs. We’re going to make you laugh at headwinds, ride further, and go faster than you ever imagined. That’s what our first Turbo road bike is all about. Because let’s be honest, riding faster is just more fun. Turbo Creo SL—It’s You, Only Faster.


The Turbo Creo SL isn’t just the lightest e-bike in its class, it’s literally kilograms lighter than the competition at just 12.2kg for the S-Works Creo SL. We made the frame out of our FACT 11r carbon and we designed it to handle like a Tarmac to inspire dancing on the pedals and diving into corners. And with the Future Shock 2.0, and its adjustable damper, we suspend you, not the bike to deliver more control, confidence, and comfort.

Specialized Turbo Creo SL e-road bike on Bike Network


We launched Turbo seven years ago, and since then, we’ve been relentless in our pursuit of the perfect e-bike—bikes that feel like you, only faster. Since there wasn’t a motor and system for a performance road bike on the market that we were satisfied with, we developed our own. Designed in California and engineered in Switzerland (the heart of the e-bike revolution), the new Specialized SL 1.1 represents the ideal performance e-road bike motor. It’s based on a decade of research, development, and ride testing, and it features the perfect combination of power, weight, size, range, and ride quality, so it delivers consistent power in the natural cadence that riders need. In order to build a performance e-road bike, all of these features needed to come together to deliver a true performance road bike experience.

Ultralight and whisperquiet, the Specialized SL 1.1 motor doubles your effort with silky smooth power delivery—power that feels like it’s straight from your legs. No unnatural power curve, lurching, or motor jumps. It delivers up to 240 watts of power that are in sync with your cadence, and when you want to pedal unassisted, there’s no drag holding you back.


With up to 130 kilometers of range from the internal battery alone, the Creo SL lets you enjoy the power, not worry about the range. Our Range Extender, included with the S-Works build and optional on other models, provides up to 65 kilometers of additional mountain-flattening power. The internal battery offers 320Wh, while the Range Extender is 160Wh battery. The Turbo Creo SL’s internal battery can be charged in as little as 2 hours and 35 minutes. Every rider and every ride are different, so we created a Turbo Creo SL Range Calculator to help you determine exactly how far you ride.


Our Mission Control app has logged millions of kilometers because it offers an intuitive and seamless way to unleash your Turbo. This is a ride app you’ll actually use. Each of the motor’s three assisted riding modes can be tuned almost infinitely for both peak and sustained power delivery. Mission Control can even manage battery power automatically with Smart Control. Just tell it how far or how long you want to ride, and our app will ensure you have the battery power to get there. It can record your ride, send it to third-party apps, and it even has an integrated power meter that can send your power numbers to an ANT+ head unit. While seamless connectivity comes standard with the Creo SL, connecting with Mission Control is always optional. The Turbo Connect Unit on the top tube gives you all the control you need to ride.


Our Turbo Creo SL EVO build takes the bike’s revolutionary e-road performance and creates incredible new opportunities for adventure and exploration. This versatile build adds 38mm Pathfinder tires, flared Adventure Gear Hover bars, and a dropper post for long gravel rides, bikepacking, and venturing into the unknown.

Specialized Turbo Creo SL e-road bike on Bike Network
Turbo Creo SL EVO


The Turbo Creo SL ushers in the era of the performance e-road bike, and our S-Works Creo SL Founder’s Edition celebrates this with an incredible build at just 11.9kg. A host of special touches, including gold foil graphics, a numbered Founder’s Edition plaque on the chainstay, and a custom Founder’s Edition SL Kit make this very limited-edition bike an instant classic.

Specialized Turbo Creo SL e-road bike on Bike Network
S-Works Creo SL Founder’s Edition


The Turbo Creo SL Expert features our FACT 11r carbon chassis and Future Shock 2.0 with damper. A 1x Shimano Ultegra Di2 build with XT rear derailleur and an 11-42t cassette complement the Roval C 38 Disc carbon wheels and Turbo Pro 28mm tires. Meanwhile, a Specialized Future Stem Pro, alloy Expert Hover bars, and a Body Geometry Power Sport saddle handle cockpit duties.

Specialized Turbo Creo SL e-road bike on Bike Network


The Founder’s Edition Turbo Creo SL starts with our S-Works build, but it drops to 11.9kg with a special, lightweight spec including S-Works Short and Shallow bars, S-Works Turbo Cotton 28mm tires, an 11-40t XTR cassette, and oversized CeramicSpeed pulley wheels. Gold foil logos complement gold anodized bolt-on thru-axles, a GPS mount, and pulley wheels with a custom Body Geometry S-Works Power saddle with matching gold highlights. To complete this exclusive bike, we’re including a custom Founder’s Edition Specialized SL kit. Only 250 Founder’s Edition Turbo Creo SLs will ever be made.


When can riders get a Turbo Creo SL?

The Turbo Creo SL will launch globally on July 16th, but only be available in nine markets initially—USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, UK, and the Netherlands—with availability globally in October. Our Founder’s Edition, however, will be available for preorder globally on July 16th. In South Africa, the timelines are November for the Expert Carbon and Carbon Evo models which are priced at R125 000 and R90 000 respectively. The Comp Carbon is available in January and will retail at R90 000.

What were the main goals when developing the Specialized SL1.1 motor and battery system?

The new Specialized SL 1.1 motor represents the ideal performance e-road bike motor, based on a decade of research, development, and ride testing. It features the perfect combination of power, weight, size, range, and ride quality. In order to build a performance e-road bike, all of these features needed to come together to deliver a true performance road bike experience.

How much does the Motor weigh?

At just 1.95kg, the SL 1.1 Motor is essentially half the weight of other crank-based motors. To help achieve this light overall weight, the motor casing is made of magnesium.

How much power does the new motor output?

Our SL1.1 motor amplifies rider power up to 240 watts and 35Nm of both peak and sustained power. We tuned our motor to deliver constant, strong support across a wide cadence range for a very natural feel while pedaling.

How many riding modes are there and how much assist do they offer?

There are three assisted riding modes: ECO, SPORT, and TURBO. ECO matches your effort up to 30% of the motor’s power, SPORT matches your effort up to 60% of the motor’s power, and TURBO matches your effort to 100% of the motor’s power—or 240watts. All three assist modes can be tuned almost infinitely to personalize power levels via our Mission Control App. There is also an unassisted riding mode when no power from the motor is desired.

Do all the models have the same range? What is it?

Yes. All models use the same Specialized SL1.1 motor and 320Wh internal battery. Range varies with use, but you can expect up to 130 kilometers (80 miles) of range using ECO mode. With a Range Extender (included with the S-Works and Founder’s Edition models and available aftermarket on other models) another 65 kilometers (40 miles) of range can be added.

Is a Range Extender included with every Turbo Creo SL?

The 160Wh Range Extender comes standard with the S-works and two Range Extenders are included on the Founder’s Edition models. For other models, the Range Extender (adding another 65 kilometers / 40 miles of riding) will be available aftermarket and is the perfect tool to extend your Turbo Creo SL rides even farther.

How does the Range Extender attach to the Turbo Creo SL?

While the Range Extender fits in a normal water bottle cage, we recommend using the Specialized Z-Cage along with the included band for increased security—especially on rougher terrain.

What impacts the range and how can I get the most distance possible?

There are many variables that influence range. The rider’s weight, fitness, and position on the bike, as well as the bike build, bike weight, tire choice, and tire pressure all impact range. Several environmental influences, such as road conditions, elevation, and weather can impact range as well. The less motor support you require, the longer the battery will last. Riding in ECO mode will generally provide the longest battery life. Our Turbo Range Calculator helps riders predict the range they can expect given certain key metrics.

What makes the Turbo Creo SL so much lighter than the other bottom-bracket-based e-road bikes?

The Turbo Creo SL’s FACT 11r carbon frame combines with the lightweight SL1.1 motor, a magnesium housing, a battery integrated into the frame, and thoughtful builds to create the lightest production e-road bike with a bottom bracket motor in the world.

What is the Turbo Creo SL’s Q-Factor?

The Turbo Creo SL’s Q-Factor (the distance between crankarms) is 181mm.  

How much tire clearance does the Turbo Creo SL have?

The Turbo Creo SL has clearance for 42mm tires with 700C rims. With fenders, there’s still clearance for 38mm tires.

Can I use 650b wheels with the Turbo Creo SL?

Yes. The Turbo Creo SL is compatible with 650b wheels and up to a 47mm tire. Keep in mind the Turbo Creo SL uses 12x110mm front hub spacing and 12x148mm rear spacing.

Is the Turbo Creo SL Expert EVO a different frame?

No, it’s the same FACT 11r frame and fork as the other Turbo Creo SL Carbon models, just with an adventure-ready build.

Can the Turbo Creo SL’s firmware be updated?

The Turbo Creo SL firmware can easily be updated at your local Turbo dealer through Turbo Studio, our retailer service platform. Once connected, the bike automatically checks for the latest software versions available and installs them if needed.

How much motor tuning ability does the Mission Control App have?

With the Mission Control App, you can tune the level of assist almost infinitely (both peak power and sustained assistance) for each of the three ride assist levels: ECO, SPORT, and TURBO. Our Mission Control App allows you to fully customize your Turbo Creo SL motor to your personal needs and riding preferences. Of course, we only allow the rider to tune the motor and its behavior within the given speed limits in their respective country. We do not allow riders to tune the motor beyond the legally allowed speed setting.

How does Smart Control work?

Using the Smart Control feature of our Mission Control App enables you to enter how far, or how long, you want to ride, as well as how much battery you would like to have left at the end of your ride. Smart Control then takes care of all battery management to reach those targets. It does this with a smart algorithm that checks the bike’s status every 10 seconds. Keep in mind, with Smart Control initiated on the app, assistance modes cannot be altered via the TCU on the bike’s top tube. Riding with no assistance means you’re not getting any motor support, but that the system is still on and recording/sharing data to display on apps or ANT+ enabled devices.

How does the Turbo Control Unit on the bike’s top tube work?

The Turbo Control Unit has two buttons and a battery level display. The bottom button is used to turn the bike on, while the top button is used to select one of the three assistance levels—or to ride with no assistance. Quickly push the button to cycle through different modes—1/3 blue circle is ECO, 2/3 blue circle is SPORT, and full blue circle is TURBO. Press and hold the button until all blue lights turn off to ride with no assistance.

Can the Turbo Creo SL use a 2x front crank?

No. The SL1 motor is only designed for a 1x setup. Simplicity is key for us. The motor and the wide 1x drivetrain provide plenty of range for all kinds of riders.

How many sizes are available for the Turbo Creo SL?

The Turbo Creo SL comes in 4 sizes: SM, MD, LG, and XL. These sizes are equivalent to 52, 54, 56, and 58cm frames.

What type of Geometry does the Turbo Creo SL have?

All Turbo Creo SL’s have our Open Road geometry to provide nimble handling with stable steering and confidence at speed. This also gives the Turbo Creo SL much of its versatility, ably transitioning from a twisting road descent to a long gravel road.

How is the Turbo Creo SL charged?

Included with every Turbo Creo SL is a Specialized 48V charger that plugs into a port on the bike’s seat tube, just above the bottom bracket. The Range Extender is charged with the same charger. After plugging in your charger, it will take five seconds for the TCU to light-up and indicate charging. When all blue bars are illuminated, the bike is fully charged. A green LED on the charger indicates “standby,” while a steady red light indicates “charging.” S-Works bikes and Founder’s Edition bikes will ship with a “Y” cable that allows both to be charged simultaneously.

How long does it take to charge the Turbo Creo SL?

You can expect your Turbo Creo SL’s internal battery to charge from 3% to 100% in approximately 2 hours and 35 minutes. A Range Extender will charge from 3% to 100% in approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes. Both the internal and Range Extender batteries will charge from 3% to 100% in approximately 3 hours 20 minutes with a “Y” cable.

Can the Internal Battery be removed for charging?

The Turbo Creo SL’s internal battery is fully integrated into the frame. It is intended to be charged in the frame. In order to get the battery out of the frame, you need to remove the motor first. It’s this kind of integration that allows the Turbo Creo SL to be so light.

If you want to fly with your Turbo Creo SL, the internal battery needs to be removed. You can carry a Range Extender in your carryon and when you arrive at your location, you can ride the Turbo Creo SL with just the Range Extender.

What happens if the battery falls below 20%?

When the battery falls below 20% charge, the Turbo Creo SL will automatically enter ECO mode to preserve the remaining battery life. At this point, the riding modes cannot be changed until the battery has been recharged.

When a Range Extender is used, which battery is used first? The Range Extender or the Internal?

When using a Range Extender, the default setting is for the Range Extender and Internal Battery to be drained simultaneously. By using Mission Control, however, the protocol can be changed to drain the Range Extender first.

What to Wear on your Turbo Creo SL

S-Works 7 Road Shoes What makes the perfect cycling shoes? Is it exceptional power transfer? Superior Comfort? Undeniable style? The simple answer is “yes” to all of the above. With the S-Works 7 Road, you get shoes with no compromises.

Specialized S-works road shoe

SL PRO Jersey Whether you’re an avid racer or a weekend warrior that puts countless hours in the saddle, you’re likely to clock tons of hours in high temperatures.

SL Pro bibs Nothing will make or break a ride like a pair of cycling shorts or bib shorts. From the fabrics to the fit, every tiny detail holds the potential to rub you the wrong way, which is why we don’t overlook anything. Our kit is designed to give next-level comfort and to your ride, so you can feel good and perform even better.

specialized sl pro bib

S-Works Prevail II with ANGi The S-Works Prevail II is the most complete lightweight race helmet we’ve ever made—perfect for hot, mountainous rides and flat, windy sections alike. Our new ANGi Crash Sensor gives you and your loved ones peace of mind like never before. When combined with our iOS or Android app, the sensor will detect a crash and send a text message to the specified contacts in your phone.

specialized prevail with angi and mips

Deflect™ H2O Road Jacket Getting caught in the rain is one thing, but starting your day in lousy conditions is a whole other story. And for when the heavens are open and the water is pouring out, we have the Deflect™ H2O Road Jacket.

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Reflect Tall Socks Constructed from our extremely lightweight VaporRize™ yarns, the Reflect Tall Socks are nearly identical in fit and feel to our SL line. This means that you’ll find the same anti-slip and comfort features, plus a highly reflective band that’ll increase your visibility to motorists and other riders in low-light conditions.

Specialized Turbo creo sl
‘It’s You, Only Faster.’

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