Apidura refreshes their Backcountry Series of bike packs | Official Release

The Backcountry Series is well known for its durability and reliability on overnight backcountry missions.

The updates extend its appeal to the genres of technical trail riding and singletrack mountain bike missions.

The new Apidura Backcountry Series of bike packs for cycling adventures
Apidura team member Jonathan testing prototype packs in the Scottish Highlands

The refresh is the culmination of years of testing, development and real-world experience to identify the best materials, shapes and features for modern mountain biking. Whereas traditionally bikepacking bags have been used mostly by riders going on longer trips, nowadays casual riders are increasingly strapping gear to their bikes so they can shred longer and avoid pushing their bike to the trailhead with a flat tire. The Backcountry Series is designed to meet both ends of this scale, with a number of packs like the Backcountry Frame Pack and Backcountry Downtube Pack likely to be found permanently attached to plenty of riders’ bikes.

The new Apidura Backcountry Series of bike packs for cycling adventures
The packs are modular to allow full bikepacking setups and load outs for everyday rides


The updated range incorporates a modular approach that suits everything from making the fun last longer on the trail to longer bikepacking trips deep in the Backcountry. The Series is completely redesigned to fit the modernized geometry of mountain bikes. Whilst retaining the legacy look and feel of the VX21 fabric, the new range uses an industry-first seam welding construction process for unrivaled waterproofing. Other new features include a focus on abrasion resistance in high-wear areas, internal lash tabs to reduce rattling, designs that improve accessibility and integration with dropper posts and full suspension bikes.

The new Apidura Backcountry Series of bike packs for cycling adventures
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From Apidura

The Backcountry Series has always been about freedom and empowering riders to think beyond the tarmac, get back to nature and embrace exploration and adventure. With this refresh, we’re aiming to bring that spirit to an even wider audience of riders, helping them to keep shredding for longer, to turn one lap into two by throwing some supplies in a frame pack or make a weekend of it with a full setup. Backcountry packs have minimal impact on balance, function or performance, so riders can focus on the ride while carrying what they need to make the fun last longer. We’ve designed it for the type of riding we enjoy doing and are excited to see where people take it.” – George Huxford, Apidura


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