Bontrager Aeolus Bar/Stem Combo | Official Release Including Weights & Sizes

Bontrager unveils a new, faster Aeolus Bar/Stem combo

Bontrager has released an all-new Aeolus RSL VR-C Handlebar/Stem combo that’s designed to increase speed, save watts and deliver a cleaner-looking cockpit. We have a tech overview for you including a look at the sizes available.

Designed with direct feedback from Trek-Segafredo team racers to help make the fastest bikes and riders in the world even faster.

The Aeolus RSL Bar/Stem was designed along with the all-new aero Émonda and as such it’s built for ‘light speed.’ It features aero-shaping and is wrought from the ultralight OCLV Carbon.

Free speed

The new Aeolus RSL Bar/Stem is nearly 10% faster than its predecessor and saves riders seven watts of effort based on wind tunnel testing calculations. ‘The all-new Aeolus RSL Bar/Stem was designed to keep pace with the new Émonda,’ said Bryan Fosler, Trek’s Road Bike Product Manager. ‘It’s ultra-light and it makes a simple and significant speed upgrade for any road bike.’

Seamless integration

In addition to the sleek aero looks and performance of its two-in-one design, the Aeolus Bar/Stem also features an integrated cable management system that lets riders cleanly and easily secure their cables. Plus, Blendr compatibility and the included Blendr bases and mounts make for effortless integration of Bontrager lights and Garmin computers.

VR-C shape

Aeolus RSL Bar/Stem’s variable radius and compact profile (VR-C) allow for multiple hand positions with a longer reach and drop. Plus, riders can choose from multiple lengths and width options to optimize fit.

Available models

Bar width & Stem Length with Weight
44 X 120 = 295g
44 X 100 = 290g
42 X 120 = 290g
44 X 110 = 289g
42 X 110 = 286g
42 X 100 = 285g
40 X 110 = 282g
42 X 90 = 280g
40 X 100 = 280g
38 X 100 = 276g
40 X 90 = 274g
40 X 80 = 274g
38 X 90 = 274g
38 X 80 = 272g

The new Aeolus RSL VR-C Handlebar/Stem is available imminently through Trek’s wide network of local retail partners.

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