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Lazer Helmets was founded in Belgium a whopping 100 years ago and in celebration of their centenary the company released the new Century helmet. Other than on-point styling the key features are a unique Twistcap – which transforms it from a ventilated lid to an aero lid – plus a fully integrated rear light.

Lazer century helmet tested for bike network by myles kelsey in cape town on the 7th of november 2019.
With the Twistcap technology, the Lazer Century doubles as your aero helmet AND your regular ventilated helmet. From a styling point of view, it’s cooler than Cortado bru.


  • Key Feature: Twistcap
  • Light: Integrated rechargeable LED light
  • Fit System: Advanced Turnfit System [ATS]
  • Construction: In-Mold
  • Ventilation: Internal ventilation channels with 18 vents plus the Twistcap
  • Safety Certification: CE – CPSC – AS
  • Sizes: Small, medium and large
  • Actual Weight: 269grams plus 26grams for the Twistcap [Medium, non-MIPS option]
  • Colors: Matte Titanium, Matte Blue Grey & White Black [Tested]
  • Price: Contact your local bike shop
  • Availability: Now


The Century has three internal ventilation channels located right at the front which guide the airflow over the forehead then through the helmet. The idea here is to improve cooling and reduce the amount of sweat dripping onto your eyewear. A soft, one-piece pad runs around the brow and there are three separate pads running through the top of the lid.

The Turnfit System has separate vertical and horizontal adjustment options to create a fully customized fit for you. For horizontal fit, nipping up the tension dial increases the hold around the full circumference of your head which eliminates the chances of hot spots or pressure points. The vertical fit is adjusted internally [with the helmet off] by sliding the ‘cradle’ up and down and the adjustment range is 35mm. When riding there are few things more irritating than the constant clunk of a bad marriage between helmet and eyewear; so I really like this vertical adjustment. On gusty days I tended to nip the helmet pretty tight and on longer rides didn’t have any discomfort. Overall, I would describe the fit of the Century as a ‘wrap-around’ feel as opposed to a ‘top-down’ feel that some helmets have.


The Twistcap changes the helmet from aero-mode to full-ventilation mode in a second. It is secured by two small magnets and with one hand you can reach up and twist it to either open or close the vents. I don’t think it’s something you really do mid-ride [although I did and it’s really pretty easy] it’s more a decision taken before the ride on whether you want to go aero or vented for the ride.

Lazer says there is 11% more ventilation with it in the vented mode. You can leave the Twistcap off completely. The beauty of this Twistcap is you don’t need to own two helmets anymore. The Century is your aero and your regular option. The not so obvious upsides of the aero setup are a quieter ride [especially on windy days] and a warmer ride on chilly days. I have ridden with the Century for about two months now and haven’t found the Twistcap to be gimmicky or an unnecessary feature. On the contrary. It is also without any rattling whatsoever and has a positive click as it sits into the cut-out.


The Century has an integrated and rechargeable rear LED which operates in either a solid beam [shown below] or a flashing option. The on/off button is accessed from inside the helmet. To remove the light for charging, use a blunt object – like the back of a spoon – and from the outside of the helmet [with Twistcap off] gently dislodge the light. The fit is quite snug and the light is micro-USB rechargeable.

Fortunately, I didn’t run into the back of any buses whilst motor pacing so can’t attest to the levels of protection. There does however seem to be more coverage than some of the other road helmets on the market. The Century is certified by all the relevant authorities. A MIPs option is available.


I found the centenary edition from Lazer to be as striking in design as it is innovative. The Twistcap and integrated light are great value-add features that offer real benefit when riding. If you have been puzzling over whether to go for an aero helmet then the versatile Lazer Century is certainly worth considering as it gives you the best of both worlds.

Lazer century helmet tested for bike network by myles kelsey in cape town on the 7th of november 2019.
On test.

| LAZER HELMETS are distributed by Coolheat. Contact your local bike shop for more. |

| ACTION IMAGE: Gary / DC Wolfpack. | CORTADO: Red Sofa Caffe |

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