How to Pedal to Empower

Whether you pedal around the block or push yourself to set a personal record, join World Bicycle Relief’s annual ride and make a world of difference.

world bicycle relief pedal to empower

Pedal to Empower is a worldwide event on the 5th of June that raises funds to buy bicycles for those in need.

Do you believe girls can change the world? Grab your bike and unite with riders around the globe on World Bicycle Day this June as we Pedal to Empower women and girls in need with life-changing bicycles! Whether you pedal around the block or push yourself to set a personal record, join World Bicycle Relief’s annual ride and make a world of difference.

How does it work? Well, if you raised R2300 on the day, you’d effectively be donating a Buffalo Bicycle to someone in need. There are many ways you could raise the funds. You could try getting your employer to sponsor you per kilometer you ride on the day. Or ask your friends and family. Just be sure to set a realistic goal. For example; if you know you are capable of completing a 50km ride then ask someone to donate R46 per kilometer you complete. That would get you R2300 for the day. Alternatively, if you are a trail rider you could ask for R2.30 for every 1m of elevation gain on your ride, then all you need to is clock 1000m of elevation and you’d raise R2300. If you are a dirt jumper you could set the target at 50 laps through your local dirt jump track and with a commitment of R46 per lap from your sponsor, you’d get to the R2300 mark. The key is to set your targets (and sponsorship) so you achieve at least R2300 which will get one complete Buffalo Bicycle to someone in need.

Can’t join the fun? We’ll miss you! But you can still make a world of difference. Donate today to help empower women and girls around the world with life-changing bicycles.

Get started! World Bicycle Relief have prepared a promotional tool kit to help you approach sponsors. Click here.

Event summary

  • Date: Saturday, June 5, 2021 
  • Location: This is a worldwide event, available to anyone, any age, anywhere
  • Event website and registration: 
  • Hashtags:  #pedaltoempower #powerofbicycles

Who will your Buffalo Bicycle go to?

People like caregivers so they are more mobile to help others. Students who need to travel long distances to get to school. Nurses who need to deliver aid to people in remote areas.

About World Bicycle Relief

Back in 2005, immediately following the Indian Ocean Tsunami, Frederick (F.K.) Day and his wife Leah, with support from SRAM Corp and the bicycle industry, founded the international non-profit World Bicycle Relief. Their first program delivered over 24,000 new bicycles to men, women and children in Tsunami impacted Sri Lanka. Now, World Bicycle Relief employs over 100 people in Africa, Asia, Europe and the US, and operates 5 bicycle assembly facilities in Kenya, Malawi, Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe. To date, over 550,000 specially designed, locally assembled bicycles have been distributed and over 2,500 field mechanics have been trained. The story continues with your help.

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