OneUp Components Launches EDC Lite, the On-Bike Multi-Tool for all Bikes

EDC Lite is a slimmer version of the brand’s EDC tool and is compatible with any stem or steerer tube.

OneUp Components EDC lite multi-tool for mountain bikes

EDC Lite is a stripped-back version of the full EDC tool, containing a 9-function Multi-Tool. There is no need to remove your star nut or thread the steerer tube to install it. Installation takes less than 5 minutes. Don’t get stuck without a tool on your ride ever again!

The 9 function multi-tool contains all the essentials: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm keys, a T25 Torx and a flat head screwdriver. Weight: 75g.

OneUp Components EDC lite multi-tool for mountain bikes

Available in 7 colours: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Turq. Perfectly colour matched to OneUp Handlebar Decals & Composite Pedals. Extra carriers are available too which means you can run a single multi-tool on all your bikes.

OneUp Components EDC lite multi-tool for mountain bikes

The EDC Lite system includes the Multi-Tool and everything you need to install it in the steerer tube. To install; Simply set your star nut 75mm deeper using the supplied setter bolt. Then replace your top cap with the EDC Lite Carrier. Easy! We hear stock is landing soon.

Local availability and more on OneUp Components

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