Pirelli expands its range of XC tires

Today Pirelli added two new tires to the ‘dedicated to racing’ Scorpion XC RC line. A 2.4″ XC RC Lite version (650g) and a 2.4″ XC RC Prowall (700g) with added sidewall protection. Local availability is scheduled for late August. Here’s a deeper dive from Pirelli…

Pirelli Scorpion XC RC 2.4 Released

Modern XCO tracks are becoming more demanding by the day. As a result, riders are opting for higher volume tires to handle the higher speeds on descents, climbs and rough terrain. As more and more manufacturers move to wider internal rim widths we have expanded our race line to include a 2.4″ size to match rims with a 30mm internal channel. The tread pattern is designed to handle a mixed variety of terrains that you normally encounter on XCO courses: from man-made technical sections to natural terrain, from hardpack to looser conditions. The RC is designed for the racer who seeks maximum speed and knows how to maintain control at speed.

The Scorpion XC RC is available in the classic 29×2.2 version and now in the new 29×2.4 version. The new size is offered in a LITE version, for those who look for maximum weight reduction, and in a ProWALL version for those who look for more protection on the sides and greater stability when cornering.

The SmartGrip Compound: Better performance, longer-lasting. | Our Smartgrip Compound is different to multi-layer rubber compounds in that the single layer of high-tech rubber extends the lifespan of performance by maintaining grip as the tyre wears. It’s high mechanical strength provides higher resistance to pinches, cuts and tears too.

World Cup Proven

Pirelli expands its range of XC tires
The tire, supplied to Pirelli’s partner teams, has already achieved significant results
in the World Cup.

As with all Pirelli tires, the new Scorpion XC RC 2.4 has undergone a period of rigorous field testing: the feedback from the TREK-PIRELLI team, who have had the tire since the start of the season, has been fundamental. In addition, the new tire has already seen a podium finish in the World Cup when Ondřej Cink was second in both the XCO and short-track in Leogang and a 5th with Vlad Dascalu in Leogang.


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