Podcast: Sven Martin’s Best Stories And Insights From The World Cup Circuit | Moving The Needle

Originally from Cape Town, Sven Martin moved abroad in 1998 to take up professional skateboarding. One thing led to another and before long Sven had switched to Downhill mountain bike racing with a side hustle of photography.

He flew the South African flag as a competitor at World Cup’s and big gravity events around the world for a few years before his passion for photography surpassed that of his racing. Applying a somewhat unique creative approach – no doubt influenced by his skateboarding background – it was not long before Sven became well known and highly regarded as one of the best in the game.

Nowadays when Sven and his wife Anka — also a Saffa — are not perched on a mountain capturing golden moments they might be found chilling in Somerset West in the Western Cape with family or smashing trails in Nelson, New Zealand. Through the years Sven’s access to the world’s elite professional riders and event organizers has afforded him a unique insight into the industry. In this episode of Moving The Needle, Andrew and Sven dive into some of those experiences.

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