Polar Announces All-New Grit X Smartwatch | Official Release

Dreaming of future adventures? Meet Polar Grit X

Polar introduces the latest addition to the family: Polar Grit X, the smartwatch that combines style and strength with new unique outdoor training features.


Polar Grit X is an outdoor multisport watch for anyone who prefers the trails over the roads. Whether you’re a seasoned trailblazer or just making the transition from road, Polar Grit X comes with many handy features to support you on your way towards your goals. Or if you’re simply on the lookout for a robust and stylish watch to support your workouts and track your everyday life – including all the essentials such as sleep and calories – Polar Grit X could be just your thing.


Polar Grit X is designed to give you the feel of a robust, rugged outdoor watch without putting any extra weight on your wrist. It weighs only 64 grams, but the military standard build makes it durable enough to endure the roughest conditions. The battery life is optimized to support long, multi-hour or even multi-day adventures, with different power save options available to make sure you power through even the most epic sessions. It looks great too, so you can wear it anywhere from the trails to the office.


In addition to older favorites, such as the FitSpark workout guide, Nightly Recharge recovery measurement and Training Load Pro, Polar Grit X comes with a bunch of new features optimized to support your longest, most epic sessions in the great outdoors. Here are the highlights:

Stay energized with FuelWise

FuelWise is a smart fueling assistant that keeps you energized during long training sessions and helps you rock them without bonking. It automatically reminds you to fuel up during your ride and even calculates how much fuel you need to bring with you, so you’ll be able to finish strong. And in case you have a tendency to forget hydration on the way, there’s also a manual drinking reminder that helps you keep your hydration levels up during your sessions.

The Polar Grit x smartwatch for mountain biking, running and trail sports.
The Polar Grit x smartwatch for mountain biking, running and trail sports.

Elevate your goals with Hill Splitter

Hill Splitter is a new unique feature that automatically detects uphills and downhills on your route and gives you detailed data of each, such as speed, distance, ascent and descent. It’s basically an intelligent automatic lap marker for your hill repeats – you can easily compare your performance stats on different hills or between sessions. Hill Splitter is designed to elevate your goals and take your sessions to a whole new level.

Stay on the right trail with Komoot

Calling all explorers! We’ve teamed up with the navigation and route planning app Komoot to integrate their awesome route tools to Polar Grit X. When you connect your Polar Flow account to Komoot and save a route there, it will automatically move to your Polar Grit X when you sync your watch, and you’ll get detailed turn-by-turn guidance on your way.

The Polar Grit x smartwatch for mountain biking, running and trail sports.
The Polar Grit x smartwatch for mountain biking, running and trail sports.

Prepare for weather changes

Weather is definitely a factor to be considered when heading out into the wild, but with Polar Grit X, the elements won’t hold you back. The watch shows you current weather info including temperature and a 2-day forecast so you can prepare for changes in advance. The forecast is updated every time you sync your watch with Polar Flow.

Whether you’re already out and about or still staying safe indoors and dreaming of future adventures, Polar Grit X helps you power through anything. You’ll find all the details about Polar Grit X here. It’s available in South Africa very soon.

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