Ryder Alumia 1600 light


The Ryder Alumia 1600 front light is a cable-free, bar mounted, rechargeable unit. A neat feature is the inclusion of a USB port which allows it to easily double up as a power-bank to charge other devices on the trail. The five modes of economy, low, medium, high and flashing give you all the options you could ever need for commuting, road rides, and the trails.

On the trail and road

Mounting the Ryder Alumia light to the handlebar is a simple affair that’s done without the need for any tools. It takes less than a minute to mount it and the tilt is pretty easy to tweak once it’s mounted. 1600 lumens is pretty bright and I immediately noticed the beam pattern to have a relatively seamless transition from flood to spot. On district roads or single tracks the beam is sufficiently wide. On some real gnarly rock-strewn overgrown trails I gave it a proper shaking about and whilst it did get knocked out of position once that was entirely my fault for not nipping it up securely.

I rode a wide variety of trails including what is likely the most technical single-track trails the Western Cape has to offer without coming unstuck. Even without using a headlamp or helmet mounted light I was able to ride through incredibly rocky and overgrown trails feeling fairly confident using the Alumia. There are no obvious soft patches or dark edges, in fact the beam is good enough that I felt confident to hit a few jumps well after sunset.

I took it out for some early morning rides on the road bike and this light has plenty of beam! It’s super easy to scan adequate distances ahead for potholes and anything untoward. Even at speeds over 40kph on sections of road without any street lights, I could easily see a fair enough distance ahead to avoid stones, broken glass and changes in the surface. The on-the-fly adjustability is very simple as is flicking through the various modes.

From a full battery charge I ran the light nonstop in the flashing mode and the battery only went flat after 23 hours. Weight is 222grams and it is priced at around R1299.


The Ryder Alumia 1600 is a robust easy to operate light which works very well on trails and the road. I accidentally dropped it onto granite rocks, I used it in the rain, on dusty trails, through some harrowing bush-whacking rides and it never faulted.

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