Looking at SRAM Eagle AXS

The tech

Simply, SRAM Eagle AXS brings the benefits of wireless electronic shifting to the trails.

On a deeper level, it offers discerning riders unprecedented personalization and control of the drivetrain providing an on trail ride experience never before imagined.

Taking the 1X proven backbone to new levels

Both the XX1 Eagle AXS and X01 Eagle AXS combine the proven, dedicated 1x backbone of Eagle with a connected wireless electronic derailleur and controller. Everything is completely new. The derailleur is specifically designed and optimized to be motor-driven instead of cable-actuated. Additionally, the AXS components enable customization and scale to an individual rider’s liking via the AXS app. The shifting performance of Eagle AXS is slick under load whether over the roughest terrain or climbing. Eagle AXS changes the level of control a rider has on the bike when pushing hard into the red. But more than that, it changes the rider’s relationship with the bike.


XC spec and ready for the trail the XX1 Eagle AXS utilizes the proven backbone of SRAM 1x with the lightest materials and a 500-percent gear range. The revised chainring offers a longer lifespan.

SRAM X01 Eagle AXS

There’s an element of the unknown when it comes to riding a new trail or racing blind. The Enduro spec X01 Eagle AXS ™ is 1x with a 500 percent gear range and a more resilient aluminum cage.

Eagle AXS Derailleur

More than a mechanical derailleur with a battery and a motor bolted on the Eagle AXS derailleur is the brain of the whole AXS system. It features a shorter cage offering 10mm more ground clearance, with more chain wrap on the cassette to sit slightly further forward and inward. It provides instantaneous shifts from a single touch in the heat of racing.

The Secret Sprint Paddle

A “Secret Sprint” paddle oriented on the front-side of the controller near your index knuckle allows for quick shifts with virtually no change to your grip on the handlebar.

Battery life, compatibility and charging

The battery weighs 25grams, is removable for charging and is “hot swappable” from derailleur, to dropper post or even your SRAM RED eTap from your roadie. It’s a simple one-click remove and replace system.

Know before you go

Checking battery life is easy, a green light means it’s at or close to full charge and a red light means it’s at or close to half charge. Flashing red means it needs a charge. To prolong battery life, the system goes to a power save mode when the bike is stationary.

Yeah, it’s waterproof

The Eagle AXS system is completely water under regular pressurized cleaning.

Eagle AXS Impact Protection

The Eagle AXS derailleur has a built-in Overload Clutch designed to disengage on impact, return to position and shift back into gear. The primary purpose of the Overload Clutch is to protect the derailleur’s shift motor, but it serves to protect the derailleur and derailleur hanger from strike damage too.

The AXS App

The AXS app is the built-in componentry software that makes it possible to both program and personalize Eagle AXS to your chosen specifications. You can adjust and personalize controller assignments for shift commands right from your mobile phone.

Use it. Or don’t.

All that’s needed to get riding is to mount the Eagle AXS drivetrain, pair it and get out there. The AXS app is only needed for further personalization or to gain access to the data the system has accumulated. Whenever you choose. You don’t have to use it.

Beyond personalization

The seamless integration between AXS hardware and software communicates with your SRAMid and sends you service reminders.

Built for riders’ sake not tech’s sake

Riders haven’t asked for this product before, because it was never possible before. We didn’t employ the magic of wireless electronics for effect either. We engineered hardware with a new ergonomic experience based on touching a button rather than pushing a lever. Giving you faster, more consistent shifts. Letting you shift when you want, under load, without ever
having to plan around terrain.

RockShox Reverb AXS

Our intention with Reverb AXS was pure: No hoses. No routing. No energy wasted. We wanted to remove anything that dampened the ride experience. So we created a reliable wireless-electronic dropper post and controller that actuates with drastically less effort and zero distraction. Expanding what’s ever possible on a bike, Reverb AXS is enabled by SRAM AXS technology.

A touch of genius

The wireless-electronic Reverb offers infinite height adjustment with a single touch from a revamped one-click button as opposed to the older throw lever. Its infinite range lets you set it right where you need it, saving you time, energy, and keeping your focus on the trail ahead.

It’s 2019. Let’s make things easy.

Clean, to install. No hoses to route, no fishing required. Cutting out the cables makes set up fast and easy. There are no external hoses. No internal routing. The Reverb AXS has an all-new post head with a single rail-retention bolt for a quick and effortless saddle install. One additional bolt at the front of the head allows for saddle tilt-adjust and position lock.

New Internals

Reverb AXS is built with a next-generation, lower friction internal floating piston for faster post actuation. Less downward saddle force is needed from the rider too. The new lubrication design reduced the friction and created a smoother more reliable post.

Vent Valve Technology

Over time, air and oil may mix, resulting in that annoying post “squish” and the need for a service. Vent Valve Technology allows you to do this simple service without any disassembly of the post. Simply press the vent valve, compress the post and release. The air is then channeled back into the air chamber.
Available in 30.9mm, 31.6mm, 34.9mm diameters and 100mm, 125mm, 150mm and 170mm travel options. Length options are 340mm, 390mm, 440mm and 480mm.

An integrated approach

Tucked neatly into the back of its post head, the Reverb AXS uses the same rechargeable SRAM battery found on the Eagle AXS derailleur. It’s super easy to remove, and simple to interchange between components if needed. From sun up to sun down, the SRAM battery boosts plenty of ride time — 40 hours on trail and fully recharges in under an hour. Using an auto-wake sensor, there’s no need to turn it on/off, it’s ready when you are.

MORE: http://www.sram.com


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