SRAM Expands Eagle Drivetrain To Include a 10-52t Cassette

Today SRAM expanded the Eagle drivetrains of GX, XO1 and XX1 groupsets to a 10-52t setup, effectively increasing range to a massive 520%.

This means that everyone from weekend warriors to world champions can benefit from the broader gear range to tackle the biggest climbs. For those of you who are happy with the current Eagle range, SRAM says they will continue to offer the 10-50t cassette. Furthermore, the Eagle ecosystem is still intact with mix and match compatibility running through the range from top to bottom.

SRAM Eagle GX groupset with carbon cranks
As part of the Eagle overhaul, the GX groupset gets a totally new finish making it look as good as it performs.

SRAM says that whilst developing the AXS product line they made some architectural adjustments to the derailleur that have provided the foundations for this new expanded range. The changes to the derailleurs include a tweaking of the pulley wheel offset, the cage length and body shape. All AXS derailleurs are compatible with the 52t cassette. Moving forward, all mechanical derailleurs will be optimized for 10-52t and 10-50t ranges. SRAM doesn’t recommend running an early version Eagle derailleur with the 52t as it tends to be less precise and a little labored in shifts. SRAM also released a new ‘master colourway’ with finishes that offer a more customizable experience when building your dream drivetrain. You can now choose from black, rainbow, gold or copper-colored chains and cassettes whilst the cranks and derailleurs are a neutral colour. Lastly, the GX groupset which has become somewhat of a cult favourite gets a totally new finish making it look as good as it performs. Here’s the lowdown from SRAM:

GX Eagle | Ride All Day

GX Eagle is your partner for all rides, all the time, all day. Long days, quick rides and everything in-between, GX Eagle is the ecosystem at its best. With the all-new 520-percent range, all-new colorways and seamless compatibility with the rest of the ecosystem, GX Eagle is there to maximize the potential of your ride experience.

452 grams

XG-1275 EAGLE CASSETTE The new 10-52t Eagle cassette for riders who prioritize all day function over anything else. With an expanded, 520-percent gear range giving riders more ability to spin
and recover on the burliest climbs. Featuring FULL PIN technology that uses lightweight, precision engineered steel cogs permanently connected with high-strength stainless steel pins. An open design
similar to our X-DOME cassette that aids in mud clearance, giving riders crisp shifting performance and longer component life.

GX EAGLE REAR DERAILLEUR Riders want the derailleur to do its job shifting on command, whether under climbing load or the stage finish. The GX Eagle derailleur gets it done with an updated cage architecture that improves chain management. Refined to work with the new 10-52t cassettes, it’s also backwards compatible for the 10-50t versions. Finished with the new GX Eagle master colorway—to compliment any cassette and chain colorway a rider wants from the Eagle
Colorsystem. Further proof that the GX Eagle derailleur is there for one thing—to do the job.

299 grams

SRAM carbon GX Eagle cranks
555 grams

CARBON GX EAGLE CRANKSET The SRAM carbon GX Eagle crankset delivers consistent performance every time out. Featuring SRAM’s X-SYNC 2 tooth profile chainring, the Carbon GX crankset is engineered for complete chain control. Each tooth’s thickness is precisely toleranced and controlled to work seamlessly with the chain’s inner and outer links. DUB technology features a better engineered
bottom bracket and a new spindle design. Together, these allow for a more uniform approach to bottom bracket fitment, better sealing against contamination and forward and backward compatibility. Now everyone can benefit from a new measure of durability.

GX EAGLE DUB CRANKSET Some riders test their limits more than others. For these riders, the GX Eagle DUB crankset allows them to go all in, every day they ride. The best aluminum crankset we make, engineered to deliver consistent performance every ride. Featuring our X-SYNC 2 tooth profile chainring for complete chain control. Each tooth’s thickness is toleranced and controlled to work seamlessly with the chain’s inner and outer links. DUB technology’s patented spindle design and bottom bracket provides a uniform approach to fitment, better sealing and forward and backward compatibility. Simply put, the forged aluminum GX Eagle DUB crankset is the no frills choice of riders who know.

SRAM GX cranks
620 grams

SRAM GX EAgle trigger shifter
122 grams

GX EAGLE TRIGGER SHIFTER Of all the components that make up a mountain bike drivetrain, the shifter doesn’t get a lot of spotlight time. However, as the rider’s literal command and control center, the GX Eagle shifter is more than worthy of recognition. With intuitive thumb actuated triggers, the positive feel gives the right rider input to make shifts crisp and discernible every time. What’s more, its already legendary reliability continues for all-day epics, and alltime experiences. Plus, it features an aluminum trigger that’s ready for inevitable punishment, and MatchMaker X compatibility. Precise and durable, it’s the hard-working, no-compromise shifter keeping riders in the right gear, every ride. | Also available in an eMTB Single Click version.

XO1 Eagle | Higher Elevation

X01 Eagle is the drivetrain for riders and racers who demand adaptability and versatility out of their equipment. Whether having fun, progressing skills or taking the win—X01 Eagle is designed and refined to support riders with the power of expanded capability. It’s a refined rear derailleur with a new cage
architecture for enhanced chain management. A forged shifter paddle is designed to take all the abuse. Our new Eagle Colorsystem—with master X01 group colorway across shifter, crank and derailleur and a signature Oxy Red crank, shifter and rear derailleur option goes perfect with any chain or cassette color—from Black to Gold to Rainbow to all-new Copper. A new 10-52t cassette expands the gear range to 520-percent for impossibly steep transfers or high-country climbs.

XG 1295 EAGLE CASSETTE The new 10-52t XG-1295 cassette gives riders more than ever before, with an unprecedented 520-percent range. For a little extra to avoid the hike-abike, a little more in the “spin to win” game, the XG-1295 cassette also allows stronger riders to increase their chainring size if they want.

sram xo1 cassette
372 grams

sram xo1 eagle rear derailleur
276 grams

the shift, expanding the capable, the X01 Eagle derailleur features updated cage architecture which provides better chain management. The X01 Eagle rear derailleur works with the new 10-52t cassettes and is backwards compatible to also work with 10-50t options. As part of the new Eagle Colorsystem, it comes in X01 Eagle master colorway to go perfectly with any color cassette and chain a rider wants.

XO1 EAGLE DUB CRANKSET Strength is how the X01 Eagle DUB crankset takes capability to places never before reached. It’s the strongest
crank in the entire Eagle ecosystem, and it holds this status at a weight that is hard to fathom. Featuring industry-proven and rider-beloved DUB technology to radically simplify the relationship of spindle to bottom bracket, delivering unprecedented simplicity, compatibility, and durability. The X01 Eagle DUB crankset also comes with our Eagle Colorsystem, in the X01 master colorway—which compliments all other available cassette and chain colors—from Black to Gold to Rainbow, and now Copper. The raw aluminum finish on the X-SYNC 2 chainring teeth keeps the ring looking fresh throughout its long lifespan.

sram xo1 eagle dub crankset

sram xo1 eagle trigger

XO1 EAGLE TRIGGER SHIFTER A rider’s cockpit is a
rider’s sanctuary and the shifter is at the heart of it. Make any refinement, and it better have been made to elevate performance—or don’t mess with it. The X01 Eagle shifter holds fast to these rules. A forged aluminum trigger rolling on sealed cartridge bearings holds up better to the demands that
X01 Eagle riders ask of their machines with an enhanced lever feel. Thanks to an all-new look, the X01 Eagle master colorway makes seamless parings with the Eagle Colorsystem for builds as unique as the bike itself. | Available in an eMTB single click version.

XO1 EAGLE AXS DERAILLEUR It’s an all-new derailleur that’s specifically designed and optimized to be motor-driven instead of cableactuated. AXS powered components enable customization and scale to an individual rider’s liking via the AXS App. It features a shorter cage for 10mm more ground clearance, with more chain wrap on the cassette to sit slightly further forward, and further inboard from mechanical Eagle. The Eagle AXS derailleur is smart enough to protect itself thanks to its incredibly resilient Overload Clutch. In the event of an impact, the motor gearbox disengages, giving the derailleur freedom to move, and instantly returns back to its position for a seamless experience for the rider. The system is tested to IP69K water and dust proofing standard for creek crossings, mud splatterings and the resulting postride pressure washings.

276 grams

Sram axs controller

EAGLE AXS CONTROLLER It’s simple, it’s about performance. The pure shifting performance of Eagle AXS is the real difference maker. Shift under load, over the roughest terrain, uphill, without changing your grip on the bar. Eagle AXS changes your level of control on the bike when you’re under pressure and pushing hard into the red. More than that, it changes your relationship with the bike. No cable, housing or wires to manage opened up design and engineering possibilities with the Eagle AXS controller. Helping us pioneer a completely new shifting experience with new ergonomic touchpoints that take just enough effort to press. Touchpoints that are totally customizable to your preferences, allowing you to choose which button does what through the AXS App.

XX1 Eagle | For Racing & Dreaming

Kate courtney riding her mountain bike with sram eagle axs groupset

Soaring at the highest altitude of our expanded, deeper, and more capable Eagle ecosystem, XX1 Eagle is the group for top-tier race bikes and absolute dream builds. Pro-level performance and compatibility with all Eagle gear ranges, the XX1 Eagle drivetrain remains incredibly quiet, intuitive and precise. With enhanced chain retention performance courtesy of a new derailleur cage architecture, XX1 Eagle remains perched atop the pinnacle of MTB drivetrains. With a boost in aesthetics to match its status—XX1 Eagle launches our sophisticated Eagle Colorsystem. Shifter, cranks and derailleur all get the same XX1 master colorway, and can be paired with any color chain and cassette to enhance the look of the bike—from Black to Gold to Rainbow and all new copper. XX1 Eagle is still the lightest group in the Eagle ecosystem and now features an expanded 520-percent gear range option thanks to our all-new 10-52t cassette. With the choice of added gear range, athletes can spend more time in the gear they want, and stronger riders are able to choose larger chainrings for more top-end speed, without sacrificing climbing range.

XG 1299 EAGLE CASSETTE Whether for prized race machines or a personal dream build, the XG-1299 cassette serves both ends of the spectrum and everything in-between, giving riders unprecedented 520-percent range thanks to the new 10-52 toothspan. Stronger racers are now free to choose larger chainrings for more top-end speed, without sacrificing climbing range. With multiple Olympic, World Cup and World Championship titles, it also matches up perfectly to XX1 Eagle AXS enabled componentry. The XG-1299 cassette utilizes the full depth of the new Eagle Colorsystem. Available in Black to Gold to Rainbow and allnew Copper, the XG-1299 cassette completes the expression of the world’s most accomplished and sought after bikes.

sram eagle cassette
372 grams

sram eagle rear derailleur
264 grams

XX1 EAGLE REAR DERAILLEUR Occupying a new realm in shifting performance, the redesigned XX1 Eagle derailleur gives no-compromise racers and dream-bike builders a true top-tier option. The crisp, precise XX1 shifting feel athletes rely on now features an updated cage geometry for improved chain management. The XX1 Eagle rear derailleur makes full use of the new 10-52t cassettes and is backwards compatible to also work with the 10-50t.

XX1 EAGLE DUB SL CRANKSET True competitors are always looking for a performance advantage—a
relentless pursuit of equipment that is lighter, stiffer, stronger, and more durable. To create the best drivetrain possible, we re-examined and reengineered our crankset design. Our XX1 Eagle CARBON TUNED crankset is our lightest, stiffest and strongest crankset. DUB technology enhances this by simplifying the relationship of the spindle to the bottom bracket, and redefining the measure of durability. DUB-powered cranksets deliver simplicity, compatibility and durability.

sram xx1 eagle dub sl crankset
From 423 grams

sram eagle xx1 trigger shifter

XX1 EAGLE TRIGGER SHIFTER Experience the performance and feel of the XX1 Eagle shifter, and you quickly realize there must be something special
going on inside this little nerve center. And there is, to the tune of timetested and race-tested X-ACTUATION technology, adjustable lever positioning and that buttery feel of XX1 Eagle. Featuring a carbon trigger and cover for our lightest weight—the trigger glides on precise, near frictionless sealed cartridge bearings. Thanks to Eagle Colorsystem and the XX1 Eagle master group colorway, all-new looks let creativity soar. All making the XX1 Eagle shifter the rider’s faithful and ultimate touchpoint for the curation of race or dream machine.

XX1 EAGLE CHAIN Connect In Color A chain that’s more than the sum of its hollow pins or its fanatically shaped chamfers. Becauseit takes more to make a chain XX1 Eagle worthy. XX1 means uncompromising strength at an ultra-light weight with performance consistency and silky smooth, whisper-quiet operation. Now completed with our all-new Eagle Colorsystem setting the aesthetic bar and giving riders color options from Black to Gold to Rainbow, including all-new Copper.

sram eagle xx1 eagle derailleur

XX1 EAGLE AXS DERAILLEUR More than a mechanical derailleur with a battery and a motor bolted on, the Eagle AXS derailleur is the heart of the whole AXS system. It features a shorter
cage for 10mm more ground clearance, with more chain wrap on the cassette to sit slightly further forward, and further inboard from mechanical Eagle. Instantaneous shifts from a single touch even while under World Cup winning chain loads recorded in the heat of racing and affirmed in the test lab. Tested to IP69K water and dust proofing standard so whatever race day brings, you’re ready.

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