SRAM RED eTap AXS™ – the basics

The wireless groupset comes with many wholesale changes. In fact, it’s a completely new concept for a groupset which SRAM say’s is for ‘today’s riders.’ Without getting too lost in all the details these are the key features and benefits.

SRAM’s AXS (pronounced access) is a new bike component integration system which allows you to see battery status, change component behavior, personalize controls, get maintenance reminders, and update firmware via the AXS app on your smartphone. The groupset itself is completely new and redesigned to improve performance. Think 12 speed rear with 10t cogs, 1x or 2x drivetrain options with smaller chainring sizes throughout, integrated power meters and more for road, TT, tri, CX and gravel. Let’s break it all down.

The Shift-Brake System

Naturally, it’s a fully wireless electronic shifting system and a hydraulic disc brake setup. What’s more, the brake levers can be customized to suit your hand size and reach with a contact point adjust and reach adjust. Textured shift paddles and hoods provide a better feel and are safer. Shifting sequences can be personalized too.

Front Derailleur

With space carved out to increase clearance and allow for wider rear tyres, the front derailleur is more elegant in design and offers a more responsive and precise shift. The cage profile is optimized for SRAM RED front chainring combinations.

Rear Derailleur

As is with almost every other piece of the SRAM AXS puzzle the rear derailleur is personalizable. It’s a single rear derailleur which works with both the 1x or 2x system and it incorporates a chain management technology called Orbit which keeps the drivetrain quiet and secure across all terrain types. The derailleur also features faster pulleys, bearings, motors and signals which all combine to improve it’s function and speed.


The new chain features a unique link shape with a flat top which increases strength despite being thinner and lighter. A larger space between the outer plates of the chain and the cogs helps create a quieter ride with more precise shifts. Hard Chrome plated inner link plates and rollers reduce wear whilst the Hollow Pin construction improves strength and efficiency.


The 12-speed cassette has a wider range of gears and is specifically designed for wireless electronic shifting. Available in either a 10-26, 10-28 or 10-33 spread, the one-piece construction saves weight and an updated design yields smoother and faster shifting. A more gradual gear progression between cogs with at least five one-tooth jumps and a 10-tooth cog which gives an overall wider range.

Smaller Chain Rings

The 2x chainring combinations are available in a 46/33, 48/35 and a 50/37. The 1x chainring comes in a 36 tooth up to a 46 tooth option with bigger sizes available for TT or Tri usage.

SRAM integrated a Quarq DZero power meter directly into the RED chainrings to reduce weight and improve on accuracy. The power meter is equipped with 10K multipoint active temperature compensation and an IPX7 waterproof rating for accuracy and consistency in any weather conditions.

SRAM says the power meter-equipped chainrings last 50% longer than their previous generation and they offer a half price replacement policy when it is time to fit a new one.

The power readings are accurate to within +/-1.5% and seperate readings on left and right legs are given. A unique chainring shape results in a lighter, stiffer, more durable crankset with improved front shifting performance.

The DUB bottom bracket technology cleans up the product line and makes it easier to choose the right model for your bike.

In certain disciplines, the single-ring drivetrain reigns supreme by way of simplicity, strength, and durability so SRAM offers the RED 1x AXS™ to meet these demands. The power meter features improved aerodynamics thanks to direct mount aero chainrings and the tighter gearing range is perfect for racing in areas with flatter terrain. Interestingly the chainrings can be swopped out for a different size without requiring a recalibration of the power meter.

Shift-Brake lever

Of course, you don’t have to ride disc brakes to experience the benefits of AXS as SRAM have included a mechanical rim brake option in the range.

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