TESTED: Giro Gauge Shoes


Adventure biking shoes are the exact mid-way between an all-out hiking shoe and biking shoe. The new Giro Gauge is a light, rugged soled shoe aimed at adventurous souls who mix their riding outings with hiking.

Design, features and fit

The rubber outsole features a very aggressive tread pattern with clipless pedal compatibility. The cleats sit deep within the tread pattern, recessed far from the outer edge of the outsole to improve walking, hiking or running capabilities.

The tubular shaped lace fastening system offers durability, whilst the synthetic heel overlay and supple breathable upper give the Gauge’s a distinct trail running shoe feel about them. The foot bed is die-cut EVA foam which is ideal for walking or standing. A stout nylon inner shank brings a level of stiffness to help transfer power through to the pedals.

Retail pricing is around R1 350.00

On the trail

Walking, standing or hiking, the shoes are incredibly comfortable. The grip on loose rocky terrain is substantial, they feel far more stable and tough than an XC shoe. The cleat is neatly tucked into the shoe which improves traction when off the bike. The tread pattern around the toes and heel area provide great traction and bite when moving up or down trails. The shoes feel very much like a regular trail running shoe.

With Shimano cleats attached the Gauge’s weigh in at 435 grams which is just a few grams more than an average pair of hiking shoes. Cleat / pedal engagement is quick and easy. The power transfer is okay but understandably it’s not a pure riding shoe and the softer nature of the sole can be felt at when riding rougher trails at speed.


Whether bike-packing, tame trail riding or just rolling as a free spirit, these versatile stylish Giro’s blur the lines between a riding and running shoe giving you the freedom to embrace adventure.


Gary Perkin



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  1. Thank for nice review. I hope it worth to buy

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