Review: Kenda Regolith PRO SCT tyres

The Regolith Pro from Kenda is a versatile tread-pattern, dual compound tyre available in three casings to suit various applications.

Kenda Regolith mountain bike tyre review for bike network with myles kelsey


The paired center knobs are siped to assist traction and Kenda used a harder compound to enhance rolling speed and lifespan. The shoulder knobs are of a softer compound and feature a staggered layout to increase traction predictability. Kenda added a sipe for added grip and a ‘draft’ on the outer edge for extra support in the turns.

Available in 27.5” and 29” diameters with a choice of 2.2, 2.4 or 2.6 widths and three different casings they cover the full spectrum from aggressive XC, light trail, trail, enduro and E-Bike applications. The RRP is R599. Understanding the different casings on offer from some tyre brands can be a painful experience often necessitating a dedicated excel spreadsheet. For Kenda, it’s a whole lot simpler, the TR casing option is a lightweight ‘race’ version, the SCT casing option is slightly more reinforced for rougher trails and then the EMC casing is the beefy version built to provide support demanded by the extra mass an of E-Bike.


I tested the 29” in a 2.4 width and the SCT casing which had an actual weight of 845 grams which included a little bit of sealant which had lined into the tyre after a few rides. The manufacturer claimed weight for this model is anything between 786grams and 868grams. Mounted to a 31mm internal diameter rim the tyre profile is nicely rounded without any obvious or overly large channel between shoulder and center knobs.

Kenda Regolith mountain bike tyre review for bike network with myles kelsey

The very first point of observation is just how quickly these tyres roll. They are really quick across hardpack, loose over hard and rocky conditions alike. On the rear the climbing traction is aided by a combination of the generous volume of the tyre and tread pattern itself. It’s not one of those semi-slick tyres that skitter all over the show under braking on the trail nor is it a rut digger; rather somewhere in-between.

The steering and ability to hold a line is better than the medium-sized knobs suggest it would be. The lack of a distinct channel between the shoulder and center knobs gives truckloads of confidence in hardpack conditions and the round profile certainly helps track across off-camber sections too. The Kenda Regolith’s beading seated easily and sealed as well as any other tyre we have used.


It’s a great tyre for most trails and in its lighter TR casing, we can see it being an option for Downcountry riders looking for some added confidence upfront.