The Origin of Trails MTB ‘jol of the year’ joins forces with the Urban Caracal Project

The organizers of SA’s MTB party of the year, the Origin of Trails, have aligned with the Urban Caracal Project for this year’s event.

When entering the 2019 Origin of Trails MTB Experience you can show your support by donating towards the Urban Caracal ProjectFounded in November 2014, the Urban Caracal Project addresses research shortfalls on urban wildlife in South Africa, provides insights for conservation of species in human-impacted landscapes, helps build scientific capacity locally and helps inform management about the best wildlife-friendly conservation practices.

About Caracals

  • Caracals are common in the Western Cape and are a very adaptable species.
  • They primarily prey on small rodents and birds including guinea fowl, Egyptian geese, and cormorants.
  • The males have very large home ranges, often exceeding 70 km2!
  • While they are mostly active at night, some people have been fortunate to see them during the day.
  • Their adaptability allows them to live close to the city and in agricultural areas. But this means that they are vulnerable to exposure to common rat poisons and are frequently victims of vehicle collisions.  They are also threatened by disease and poachers.
  • The oldest wild caracal that the Urban Caracal Project found was 16-years old and lived in Stellenbosch!

“We are proud to be an official charity of the Origin of Trails MTB Experience,” says Laurel Serieys, Project Coordinator of the Urban Caracal Project.  “The opportunity will help us to realize two goals:  One, the funding will help us reach an important funding goal: to conduct genetic analysis on the local caracal populations to determine whether inbreeding threatens the Cape Peninsula caracal’s genetic health. Two, by being a charity we also have the opportunity to connect with the local community, and help the community feel more connected with local caracals and have a better understanding of them.  There are three ways in which the public can support our project:  1. Go online to report caracal sightings:; 2. If you see caracal roadkill, please call: 079-837-8814; 3. To donate, go to  We cannot wait to be part of the Origin of Trails MTB Experience.”

“We are proud to support the Urban Caracal Project,” says Michael Meyer, Managing Director Stillwater Sports.  “There is something magical about training in an area when you know that although you don’t see them, you are more than likely being watched by this elusive feline.  Some sportsmen and women have even had the privilege of sighting these majestic cats while on a training ride or run especially in the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve.  We would like to encourage all entrants not only to show their support of the Urban Caracal Project, but also to consider the wildlife in the areas in which they train.”    

2018 Origin Of Trails | Highlights

Enter the 2019 Origin of Trails and donate to the Urban Caracal Project to give back to nature while you shred.

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