Tips for Multi-day Big Mountain Enduro, with Gary Barnard & Dan Dobinson

Multi-day big mountain enduro events provide a comprehensive test of your physicality, temperament and skill. For success, good preparation is vital!

As a first-time entrant at a big mountain enduro like Trans-Provence, you should expect to be challenged beyond your current ‘limitations.’ The outcome could be an early trip home or, with success, an everlasting change to your riding status-quo. One of the keys to success is good preparation. Check out the advice from ‘TP’ podium riders, Gary Barnard and Dan Dobinson.

Dan Dobinson riding mountain bike trails in Jonkershoek Stellenbosch.
Dan Dobinson has been riding bikes (and skateboards) for three decades and has tons of big mountain experience.
Gary Barnard riding enduro on his Santa Cruz Megatower in Jonkershoek Stellenbosch.
Gary Barnard is one of SA’s most experienced big mountain Enduro racers.

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