Tips From The Pros | “I save the caffeine for later in the race.” – Matt Beers

Maximizing your performance potential by using supplements may seem complicated (and sometimes it is) but looking at how the pros do it can save you a lot of time and put you on the right track to achieve your best form yet.

In conjunction with the Swiss-based sport’s nutrition brand Sponser Sport Food we have lined up some tips and advice for you from the 2019 ABSA Cape Epic African Jersey and 2019 Wines2Whales Champ, Matt Beers. We asked Matt to list his seven ‘go-to’ nutritional and fuel aids from the range and offer tips and advice on each.

SPONSER ACTIVATOR is a highly efficient, natural caffeine booster. It contains 200mg of caffeine and is particularly suitable for endurance sports, but also for power sports and explosive disciplines in which maximum concentration and alertness are needed. For an optimal effect, caffeine should be consumed 1h before exertion. The effects can last several hours, depending on the quantity consumed. MORE

Sponser Sports Food nutrition for active people.
These are great, I use them for the end of long races or the start of short races like XCO they have 200mg of caffeine so you need time it right to benefit from it. I’ll only use one during a race.” – Matt Beers @mattbeers55

SPONSER COMPETITION is an acid-free sports drink for high energy needs which contains a large mix of carbohydrates with different glycemic indexes, plus electrolytes. Due to a Thanks to its very light flavoring, it can be consumed in high concentrations and at high intensities. It is enriched with the electrolytes sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium and chloride which play an important role in energy metabolism and muscle function. MORE

Sponser Sports Food nutrition for active people.
“My main go-to drink during all the races, I normally start with two 500ml bottles both with this mix my favorite flavor is raspberry. It’s a great formulation of race drink with perfect ratios of carbohydrates, salt, electrolytes etc.” – Matt Beers @mattbeers55

SPONSER ELECTROLYTES: An effervescent tablet which creates a refreshing sports drink with zero carbs and practically no calories. It contains the 5 electrolytes sodium, magnesium, calcium, chlorides and potassium which are lost during exercise. ELECTROLYTES are free of lactose, gluten, artificial colouring and preservatives. Easy to prepare: dissolve 1 effervescent tablet in 500-750 ml of water and the refreshing sports drink is ready. MORE

Sponser Sports Food nutrition for active people.
“A must-have after the races especially during stage races to replenish the body and do it all again the next day. I also use them for recovery rides when you don’t need carb drinks to get through your ride.” – Matt Beers @mattbeers55

SPONSER HIGH ENERGY BAR: The ideal high-quality cereal bar with short, medium and long-chain carbohydrates for a progressive energy supply. Contains oatmeal and is rich in beta-glucans. Medium-chain vegetable oils (MCT) supply additional energy. Enriched with BCAA, the branched-chain amino acids valine, leucine and isoleucine. MORE

Sponser Sports Food nutrition for active people.
“A must-have to survive the long stages. They are easily digestible and most importantly easy to eat at 160 heart rate plus! I’ll typically eat one of these per hour.” – Matt Beers @mattbeers55

SPONSER LIQUID ENERGY PLUS is a highly concentrated neutral-tasting source of energy in liquid form. Available in a tube or gel package it contains 200 kcal of pure energy. Moreover, it contains the functional ingredients of caffeine, taurine, inositol. Liquid Energy Plus is appropriate for endurance sportsmen who are dependant on a constant energy supply. MORE

Sponser Sports Food nutrition for active people.
“These are essential for any type of racing! They taste great and are of a perfect consistency. I prefer the caffeine in gel form as they don’t really mess with my stomach. I’ll start taking these during the last hour and a half.” – Matt Beers @mattbeers55

SPONSER LIQUID ENERGY PURE is a highly concentrated neutral-tasting provider of energy in liquid form. A tube of 70 g contains 210 kcal of pure energy. Liquid Energy is appropriate for endurance sportspeople who need constant energy supply. MORE

Sponser Sports Food nutrition for active people.
“I’ll take a few non-caffeine ones just in case it’s difficult to eat (rough trails or sketchy wheels in the bunch) which helps bridge the gap with your carbohydrate intake but not have the buzz of the caffeine. I save the caffeine for later in the race.” – Matt Beers @mattbeers55

SPONSER RECOVERY DRINK is a fruity lactose-free carbohydrate-protein drink for recovery after exercise. It contains short and long-chain carbohydrates for energy with casein and whey protein hydrolyzate. MORE

Sponser Sports Food nutrition for active people.
“The best recovery drink hands down. Super refreshing and easy to drink after a hot day of racing also not too sweet. But the banana and strawberry flavor is a win and it’s not thick.” – Matt Beers @mattbeers55


The Swiss brand’s leading expertise in food science as well as its innovative drive and high-quality products, make SPONSER® the market leader in the Swiss sports nutrition industry. Olympic champions and recreational athletes place their trust in SPONSER®. In collaboration with renowned universities, professional athletes and doctors we have designed functional and well-tolerated products based on the latest scientific research to meet every athlete’s nutritional needs. Our products are carefully manufactured from certified sources and are subject to strict quality controls.

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