Titan Racing launch the alloy 100mm and 120mm full suspension race bikes. | Official Release

In 2019 Titan Racing launched their much anticipated new full-sus, the Cypher, a fully-fledged racing bike with enough flair to tear up the descents and power through the climbs.

A 24-month project for Titan Racing, the Cypher, was well received and their carbon variants were sold with ease. An aluminum version has been in the pipeline for some time and was due to hit dealers early this year however, due to Covid-19 unexpected delays arose, and the stock has only landed much later than anticipated.

Titan Racing Cypher mountain bike

The idea behind the aluminum Cypher was to provide an equivalent ride-feel as their carbon Cypher and further deliver it in a more affordable package. To achieve this Titan Racing went back to the drawing board and designed the new aluminium frame around the same kinematic and geometry foundation as their carbon bike. A feat not as easy as it seems when comparing 2 different materials for construction. The carbon variant has been a success and we have seen it raced to many a podium via their young Valley Electrical Titan Racing Team, so the commitment to the development of the aluminium version has been just as keen. The end result is a race-ready xc/marathon bike that further rivals its’ competitors in ride quality, build quality and price. With consumers on an infinite quest to get more bang for their buck, Titan Racing have really pushed hard to get the most value out of this new aluminium range whilst still delivering a bike that looks and feels at home on the start line. It is with no doubt that mountain bikers will take a keen interest on the new range of aluminium Cyphers.


Structurally the new aluminium Cypher uses hydroformed ultra-lightweight X6 aluminium with smooth welding at key intersections. Aesthetically the frame has the same lines as its’ carbon counterpart and the headtube and seat gusset have been smoothed out to give an illusion of a weld-free frame. A neat feature here is the headtube that resembles their newly launched aluminium hardtail, the Drone, which is a design element that can be found throughout the brands product offerings. Further, a threaded BB has been used just like the carbon version for ease of maintenance, double row bearings fill all key pivot junctions for added stiffness, as well as a Boost 148 rear thru-axle to finish off the rear end. This delivers a beefy package that is both lightweight and extremely durable.

Titan Racing Cypher mountain bike

As with the carbon variants the geometry is progressive and on-trend. The Cypher RS boasts a 69° head angle with the flip-chip in the high position and 68.5° in the low. The 120mm Cypher runs a 68° head angle with the flip-chip in high, and a 67.5° in low. Reach on a large is 460mm, and the whole range benefits from a shorter stem/wider bar combo cockpit. Both the aluminium Cypher & Cypher RS feature a flip-chip which adjusts the geometry half a degree on the head angle and six millimetres on the BB, and internal cable routing for a dropper post, all gear shift cables, rear brake, and a rear remote lockout. Boost rear-axle spacing allow tire clearance of up to 2.35 inches letting you reap the benefits of larger volume tires. The frame has been designed with a low stand over height allowing the rider more control in those technical sections, and two water bottles comfortably fit inside the front triangle. A real must-have for anyone wanting to race or do longer rides.

Titan Racing Cypher mountain bike

The difference between the Cypher RS and the Cypher is the latter having 20mm’s extra travel. In addition to this the Cypher features 780mm riser bars, 2.35″ tires and a 125mm Manic dropper post compared to the RS variant with 750mm bars, 2.25″ tires, and no dropper post. Both offerings are readily capable to take on a multitude of terrains and events with the choice being the riders to match their preferred style of riding; racing snake or trail shredder.


The new aluminium Cypher range is available in six colour/spec options. The Cypher RS 100mm comes in the Elite at the highest price point, followed by the Comp, Expert and a ladies version the Calypso Expert. The Cypher 120mm version comes in two options, the Comp and the Expert. See the range.

Titan Racing Cypher mountain bike
Cypher RS Elite | R39 999 | More
Titan Racing Cypher mountain bike
Cypher RS Comp | R31 999 | More
Titan Racing Cypher mountain bike
Cypher RS Expert | R27 999 | More
Titan Racing Cypher mountain bike
Cypher RS Calypso Expert | R27 999 | More
Titan Racing Cypher mountain bike
Cypher Comp | R32 999 | More
Titan Racing Cypher mountain bike
Cypher Expert | R28 999 | More


Titan Racing Cypher mountain bike
Titan Racing Cypher mountain bike
Titan Racing Cypher mountain bike


The Cypher and Cypher RS are short-travel bikes based on the metric shock standard. Using a metric standard shock allows for the design of two travel variations using the same frame by taking advantage of the ability to adjust the stroke length of the shock without affecting the eye-to-eye dimensions. A difference of 7.5mm on the stroke translates into 20mm of travel at the rear axle resulting in two variants; the 100mm Cypher RS which has a 37.5mm stroke length while the Cypher has a 45mm stroke.

The decision to include a flip-chip into the design expands the riding capabilities of the Cypher and Cypher RS, enabling the ability to customise the geometry to the preference of the rider for trail conditions. In the low position, the head angle is reduced by half a degree, and the BB drops by 6mm.

A gently progressive leverage ratio is balanced between the ability to resist harsh bottom outs while still allowing the full use of travel. Progressive means that more force needs to be applied the further into the travel the rear axle moves in order to compress the shock – this makes for a supportive ride feel that is stable and composed. The leverage rate has been optimized so that it is not overly progressive, allowing for full use of travel. Anti-squat figures have been calculated to function optimally around 85-115% on 32T – 34T chainrings, those being the most popular size for 12-speed drive systems. 

Titan Racing is a brand focused on the consumer and we set out to offer customers more than just another bike. We strive to offer next-level products at fair value money to improve your riding experience. Our designers look to create frames with forward-thinking geometry, functional designs and stylish looks. We pair this with clever part choices to allow the best in category bikes for our customers. We call this the SMART Choice. The new aluminium range definitely fits this brief and the Cypher & Cypher RS will be the answer to many a consumers question of which bike next. All Titan Racing Bikes feature a unique 5 Year Multi-User Warranty so please make sure you register your bike.

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