Young guns – The Luke Moir interview

Identifying the champions of the future is not as complicated a task as many think. History shows they will in all probability be one of the young guns that are untouchable and dominating their teenage racing categories. Within the current crop of young XCO racers, Luke Moir is doing just that.

BN: Let’s start with your age, where you live, your school and what brought you to mountain biking?

Luke: I live in Lakeside, Cape Town and am 16 years old. I am at SACS currently in Grade 10.  I guess it was my brother and father who introduced me to riding.

BN: How many years have you been riding for?

Luke: I guess it was from around the age of 3. So about 13 years now.

Luke is a natural talent on the bike.

BN: Tell us about your recent racing history, — What were some of the more memorable moments or highlights?

Luke: Some of the highlights will be winning the Cross Country, Marathon, Enduro and Eliminator at SA Champs last year.  I also won some XCO races in Switzerland and Italy which rank as some of my best results.  A more memorable race was during my first-year as a Sub Junior (U12) where I won SA Champs. Getting to wear the SA Jersey the next season was cool.

BN: What are your plans for the 2019 & 2020 season, what races are you focusing on, are there trips to Europe on the cards?

Luke: Yea. We are heading to Canada on Monday 20th of May to do two Junior World Series Races.  After traveling to Europe for three years in a row, we decided to change things up to gain some different experiences. These races in Canada also line up nicely with the local (SA) race calendar.  I am doing the Junior World Series Canada Cup in Mont Tremblant on the 26th of May and the Junior World Series Canada Cup at Baie St Paul on the 1st of July. Then, I am hoping to do a couple of races in Europe next year.

BN: Tell us about your previous campaigns in Europe – how they came about, where did you race etc

Luke: My dad wanted to give me the experience of racing in the very competitive European scene at an early age. I have raced in Switzerland, Italy, and the UK over the past few years.  So yea – this year we are heading to Canada to gain a different experience.

BN: What kind of racing goals are you setting for yourself at this stage? I mean there is clearly some potential within you — are you just racing to see how things turn out or do you have some set goals for the next couple of years?

Luke: In the short term I want to be the number one ranked Junior in the World in 2020, and to place in the top five in every race I do. I have some long term goals too, but, would prefer not to chat about them if you don’t mind.

BN: Cool. So just how far would you like to take this talent of yours? I mean Alan Hatherly has proved that the depth and potential of SA riders is high, — do you see yourself competing at the highest level?

Luke: I would like to turn professional and then, ja, move forward….

BN: What are your biggest challenges when it comes to racing? 

Luke: Not much bothers me really. I don’t see major challenges. I just look for opportunity and to keep enjoying it.

BN: You are clearly in good condition, can you tell us what kind of off the bike training you do? Like gym, running, school sports, swimming etc etc

Luke: I do motocross. Then I also hit the gym with Warwick at the Sports Science Institute in Newlands.  Warwick also trains Matt Beers and Alan Hatherly – so I am in good hands.

BN: Who is your coach and how long have you been with him/her?

Luke: So I am coached by Dr Mike Posthumus, we started with Mike officially in October 2018, prior to that my dad and Mike chatted every few months on broad training structures.  I only got a bike computer in October and still don’t use a power meter or heart rate monitor.

BN: What about your diet? Are you on any special diet plan, do you see a nutritionist?

Luke: Nope, I eat Weetbix. Haha. Just regular food to be honest. A lot of regular food.

BN: Tell us about a typical day in your life, so —  it starts with school, then training, then home work … – how do you balance it all in?

Luke: Well I try to do homework during class which free’s up some time to get the gym or bike work done. I live pretty close to Tokai and other good riding areas so that helps me get done what I need to.

BN: What about inspiration? Anyone in particular that you look up to – who really gets you fired up?

Luke: Van der Poel! Alan Hatherly and Burry Stander.

BN: You are a pretty prodigious talent on the bike, are you staying with XC or would you look at moving to Enduro or DH in the future?

Luke: For me, Enduro and Downhill are the fun side of the sport. XCO is where the racing is, elbow to elbow, the crowds, the money, and the vibe.  I do plan to continue racing Enduro and would like to do some downhill as well though.

BN: Thanks Luke. Good luck for the rest of the season.

Luke: Thank you. I would just like to thank my Mom, Dad, my family, Mike, Silverback and all my sponsors, including some individuals who have helped fund my overseas races.

The future is what you make of it – Smash it bru!

Images: @garyperkin #GOAT