Paarl Trails launches Crowdfunding initiative to rebuild fire and storm ravaged trails

7 may 2024, paarl, SOUTH AFRICA | details on a crowdfunding campaign to repair fire damaged trails of rhebokskloof wine estate as published on bike network

In April 2024, a catastrophic fire swept through the mountains above Rhebokskloof and Paarl.

Gale force winds created ferocious conditions that rendered the inferno uncontrollable, resulting not only in fire-related devastation but also widespread havoc to the Paarl Trails network, with fallen trees and damaged structures.

Darren Herbst, Paarl Trails: “Trails are not here to make money they are about building community and improving an areas economy. So when things like this happen it puts a very big dent into the limited resources we have. It’s at times like this that all we can do is ask locals and corporates to lend a hand in whatever way so we can rebuild this network.”

The good news is the rebuild has begun and Paarl Trails is inviting everyone to be a part of a legacy of strength and renewal through a Crowdfunding intiative. Click here to donate.

Another avenue to get involved and make a difference is to attend their fund-raising evening on the 16th of May, at Rhebokskloof in Paarl. We hear there’s live music, guest speakers, snacks and other cool surprises install. Learn more here.

About Paarl Trails and their Ashes to Action campaign

Beyond being a recreational haven, the Paarl Trails play a pivotal role as an economic engine. Drawing in tourists and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide, they invigorate local businesses and services, spanning from quaint cafes and bike rental shops to accommodation and guided tour providers. The trails’ impact on the local economy is profound, with each visitor contributing to the region’s financial well-being, fostering growth and stability. Moreover, the trails network is a key driver of job creation, offering employment opportunities directly through trail maintenance and administration, as well as indirectly by supporting supplementary services catering to trail users. These jobs often provide accessible avenues for locals, without necessitating extensive education or training, thereby broadening inclusive employment prospects.

Socially, the Paarl Trails network serves as a nucleus for various community initiatives, hosting health and wellness programs, environmental education efforts, and community gatherings crucial for fostering social cohesion and well-being. They provide a natural, inclusive space where individuals from diverse backgrounds can converge, promoting social integration and understanding. Paarl Trails serves as an economic catalyst, a generator of employment, and a beacon of social upliftment, encapsulating the resilience and communal strength of Paarl. This Ashes to Action campaign, transcends mere reconstruction to embrace a movement of fortification, enhancement, and the creation of a legacy admired by future generations. //

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