Results: SA’s Matt Lombardi wins the 5-Day Trans Madeira

26 september 2023. madeira, portugal | results of the trans madeira mountain bike race won by south african matt lombardi as published on bike network by myles kelsey

Matt Lombardi, South Africa’s pre-eminent Enduro racer has won the 5 Day, 220km and 30 Stage Trans Madeira.

Madeira, a Portuguese island in the Atlantic Ocean with big mountains and a beautiful landscape is fast becoming one of the world’s best mountain bike destinations. Last week, a field of over 130 international riders lined up for this latest edition of the Trans Madeira Enduro. In the end, after more than 2 hours against the clock, Stellenbosch local Matt Lombardi smoked the field by a margin of 1 minute and 40 seconds.


Overall Men

  1. Matt Lombardi 2:34:25
  2. Franck Kirscher 2:36:05
  3. Calum Ross 2:40:45.0

Overall Women

  1. Kaisa Harkonen 3:20:58.6
  2. Syd Schulz 3:21:14
  3. Nadja Kolb 3:33:26

Full overall results here

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