SA shines at World Cup XC

22 april 2024, brazil | report on the performance of south african mountain bike riders including alan hatherly AT THE UCI CROSS COUNTRY WORLD CUP as published on bike network by myles kelsey

It’s never been this good!

Remarkably, South Africa now has 4 riders ranked inside the top 20.

After a second action-packed weekend of World Cup racing in Brazil, South Africa now has four riders ranked inside the top 20, of their respective categories. Record keeping on this is fuzzy at best, however according to *my recollection of the full history of the sport, this is the strongest showing by SA in all the categories, ever. It is a monumental achievement worthy of celebration. Here’s an overview of the riders flying our flag abroad, with their latest results.

Alan Hatherly on the gas at yesterday’s race in Arax√°.

Chapeau to all involved! | *Direct fact-checks to

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