Review: Titan Racing Drone Elite Hardtail | Value & Performance

The Drone Elite is a high-performance hardtail from South African brand Titan Racing.

It features a proprietary hydroformed alloy frame, very modern geometry and an incredibly high-value build kit. If you are buying a new bike and have narrowed your search down to a hardtail in and around the R20k pricepoint then you should check this bike out. It is easily one of the top 5 best buys in this category.


  1. Great review thanks, awesome value for money bike that deserves to get more recognition. Titan racing have an awesome bike line up for 2020.

  2. I bought this bike shortly after watching this review and I have to agree that the “Drone Elite” is good value for money. The frame geometry is nothing extraordinary, however, the frame construction is impressive and the component specification is composed of classic quality parts. These high spec parts allow for a seamless riding experience and an overall low weight for a bike in this price bracket. Good to see a bike manufacturer who is investing in alloy technologies.

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