Review: Bontrager BITS – A steerer tube stored multi-tool and chain breaker

The Bontrager BITS integrated multi-tool offers riders easy access to tools for faster trail-side repairs.

BITS is a smart storage solution that stows a multi-tool, chain breaker and power links inside a mountain bike steerer tube. A bolted compression fitting replaces the traditional fork’s star nut and houses the multi-tool.

Bontrager BITS review
The tool includes a screw driver, T25 torx, all the commonly used hex keys and storage space for power links.


The kit is supplied with two bolts and various washers to fit almost any length of fork steerer tube. Installation is pretty simple, once you’ve figured out which washers and length bolts to use that is. The entire installation process shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes to do. The tool is not compatible with carbon steerer tubes or bikes with threaded headsets.

| Includes 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm hex keys & T25 Torx
| Includes chain breaker, screwdriver and quick link storage
| Supplied with different length bolts and spacers
| Compatible with MTB forks with threadless headsets
| Not compatible with carbon steerer tubes
| 158g
| R1 599

The BITS system has two carriers or sliders. One of them attaches to the inside of the steerer tube clamping your headset in place and serving as a holder of the second carrier which houses the multi-tool. The entire system – weighed here with all the supplied washers – tips the scales at 158g. That is only 58g more than a regular multi-tool but includes the chain-breaker.


Bontrager BITS review
Pulling on the hinged hook at the top of the tool releases the slider which gives you access to the tools.
Bontrager BITS review
The tool slides in and out easily and locks securely in place.

I’ve been using the BITS for a few months now and it’s definitely a well-thought-out and high-quality tool. The hinged hook used to extract it is quite small but other than that it’s a robust and sturdy unit that can’t be faulted. I like the fact that it has almost every size hex tool I’ll ever need out on the trail, plus a chain breaker. It slides into a slot or rail-like fixture system and does not rattle about on the trail.

Bontrager BITS review

Integrating tools with the bike means that my pockets are lighter and that I will likely never forget to pack my multi-tool before heading out for a ride. I like the fact that in comparison to a regular multi-tool and chain breaker, the BITS system doesn’t add any weight to the bike. I love the easy access of the unit – that is really convenient when nipping things up or making setup changes during the ride. So far, it seems to be pretty faultless.


| IMAGES: Gary Perkin |