3 Balance Exercises That Will Make You A Better Rider, by Kate Slegrova

Three simple enough do-at-home balance exercises which we guarantee will improve your riding.


Position your hands on the ball about shoulder-width apart. Position your knees on the ball about hip-width apart. Roll forward onto the ball slowly lifting your feet off the ground. Lift your arms off of the ball and straighten your upper body using your arms to maintain balance. Work on holding the pose for up to 2 minutes and include 3 sets. TIP: Stabilize yourself with your hips and tightening the belly will engage all the trunk muscles. NEXT LEVEL: For some variation use a medicine ball or other weight and with both hands slowly move it up, down and from side to side in front of you.


Place the Bosu with the flat side up. Step onto the Bosu and position one foot in the center and the other slightly to the side. Keeping your back straight and your core tight, extend your arms out to the side for balance and slowly lift one leg and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat 5 sets of 30 seconds.


Step one foot onto the center of the Bosu. Kick your other foot back a little so that you are in the lunge position. Transfer your weight to the foot on the Bosu and lift the free leg up, forward and lift the knee a little before reversing back into the lunge position. Complete 8 to 10 reps on that side then switch legs and complete the set. Aim for 3 to 5 sets. TIP: Aim for slower and more controlled movements with your trunk engaged (pulling your navel to your spine).

| WITH THANKS: LARA FAY Activewear & Virgin Active Gym |

| KATE SLEGROVA is a personal trainer & cycling coach @kateslegrova @pretty_pedal |

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