Having a stronger core will allow you to transfer more power through the legs and arms as well as reduce the risk of injury. It will also improve your ability to hold an aggressive position on the bike and improve your posture off of the bike. Try this 20-minute routine once or twice a week and reap the benefits.

PLANK – Start from a kneeling position. Place your palms followed by your elbows on the mat. Place them shoulder-width apart and spread your fingers. Stack your shoulders over your elbows, press away from the mat to create a solid form. Step your feet back to create a straight line from head to toe. If you feel pressure on the base of the spine, scoop your pelvis under you. This should alleviate it, if not, place knees on the mat, maintaining that solid form. Two-minute hold.

SIDE PLANK – Transfer your weight onto one arm, keep the shoulder stacked over the one elbow. Stack your hips and rotate your feet. Press your elbow and palm into the mat and lift away from the mat. Elevate your hips to create a straight line. Extend your arm above, stacking your shoulders and spreading your fingers. Take your gaze up only if it is suitable for your neck.

MOUNTAIN CLIMBER (obliques)  – Start in Downward dog and transition through by taking your weight into your hands. Grip the floor. Shoulders over elbows, elbows over wrists. Protract shoulder blades (draw shoulder blades apart) by pressing away from the floor. Bend at the elbows to take shoulders forward, keeping elbows stacked to wrists. Draw the right knee to right tricep, hold and then release back and repeat on the left. 

LOCK AND LOAD – Downdog, extend a leg up and then start to draw the knee to the sternum. As you are drawing, press and protract creating space for the knee. Come up onto the ball of the supporting foot. Transition your weight into your one hand and pivot your supporting elevated heel in and base it down while controlling your hips down to the floor, keep that knee tucked tightly in. This is your two point base. Keeping the buttocks off the floor, reverse the movement completely to find your down-dog and repeat on the opposite side.

HOLLOW BODY – Take a seated position and draw your knees to your chest, knees, and ankles together. Basing your heels, rock back onto the back of your sitting bones while lengthening through the spine. Extend arms out in front, palms facing each other and spread fingers. Relax the neck. Lift the heels and start to extend your feet away from you and peel your spine down to the floor, vertebrae by vertebrae. Find the hollow body by keeping the heels and top of the shoulder blades off the floor. Keep reaching with your hands and extending through your feet.

Lynette Morris designs and instructs yoga routines for riders looking to improve performance, release muscular pains, and improve overall health and mental focus. Lynette has taught yoga for over 10 years across the globe and is passionate about using movement to enhance athletic performance and recovery.  @lynwmorris